Happy Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ And Successful 1st Quarter Of The Year 2019 – Ashi Duwhobo Divine

Happy resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ and successful 1st quarter of the year 2019.

God wouldn’t have given us at IYC the dream of self determination and resource control by any means necessary unless he had it. God specifically design us for the race we are in.

Today am grateful IYC central zone is making a drastic progress and other zones the potential to do likewise is already deposited in us.

Long live Western zone

Long live Central zone

Long live Eastern Zone

Together we think better, we live better

God bless us more with good leaders.

From Ashi Duwhobo Divine


Award!!! Miss Charming Nigeria 2019 NDU Chapter, Is Now Open For All Contestants


Miss charming 2019 Niger Delta University (NDU) chapter is an event brought to you by NMPA1 in a collaboration with Limelight Entertainment. This opportunity is open for any students at any faculty/department.

Form cost 2000k and a winner will be award with the prize of 100.000k. For registration, please call this lines: 08139002221, 081551557560, 07016928765. Or you can go to in front of LT to get your form.

Tee City -Wildest Dream, MP3 Download

The Nigerian upcoming  artiste, Ajala Karaemi Tee, popularly known as Tee City in stage, has dropped another hit track on his studio work, which he titled “Wildest dream” and was produced/mixed by AMG. 

Tee City has dropped a hit Jam early last year, titled Strong Mic, featuring Creamy Lizzy the female rapper, aka Creamy Queen. The song was rank as one of the best hip-hop release of the year and was hitted in many of his live performance shows, such as Codded Connect Entertainment, Adolocity Entertainment Show, etc. 


Tee City – Wildest Dream lyrics


Alright, it about my life
About things I see with my naked eyes
Things happen round me
But i ain’t take it for granted, ’cause God guard me, hun

Verse 1:

So many time life used to drive me crazy
Like I’m actin’ lazy, but it ain’t the fuckin’ reason
Got me think twice about wildest dream
Made me thinkin’ empire swimmin’ wildest stream
I never kick back across the border and sea
Tryin’ to be what I’m destined to be, hun
Make history they can’t erase, this’s sound of victory
And I hold it down like a real G
It a new dawn, I’ve got new fantasy
It about how I feel, always tryna do new thing
So I change the thinkin’, it change my life
Like call to destiny, it about what i see
We born for the game plus goodies in it
Make nigga fit, shout out to my dream team
This’s rout way nigga chose to walk on
Walk away from street, but never give up

Chorus :

I’ve got a fantasy
A dream that hold me down
It got my attention, drive me crazy
And I hold the ground
I’ve got a wildest dream
Like vision come around
Vision that got me thinkin’ sometime a daydream
And I picture it down

Verse 2:

Now I picture it round
And I pinned it down
We take it slow, and made it global
We make the people dance
We ain’t goin’ home tonight
Let’s make the world go round
So we can take ride, and make it wild
We gone hold it down
This’s wild wilder world, DJ gat wild thought
PJay keep ride on, never stop before you done
We never stop till we become what we want
In this game we ain’t give space, we take it fun
Like new child born, I’m comin’ for reborn
Another white region, talk about Don I’m the one
This a fair game we play, it pay by the way
Let’s make a wilder dream, dream of possibility


I’ve got a fantasy
A dream that hold me down
It got my attention, drive me crazy
And I hold the ground
I’ve got a wildest dream
Like vision come around
Vision that got me thinkin’ sometime a daydream
And I picture it down

Verse 3:

Down I’mma street life’s so complicatin’
Lads in da creek act so sophisticatin’
No bulks in their porch, nigs violatin’ rules and regulations, my string’s vibratin’
I gat make it shine beyond they imagination
All they trash talkin’ I got in they all begone
Penny pincher over to my place, we can take it fun
Everywhere gettin’ burn, niggas burnin’ weed, hun
Haters pray our fallin’ down, biggy still i rise
Nothin’ can hold me down, can’t wait to live up tight
I wanna make it move like jet in the sky
We pray to God for better day, the Lord’s by my side
So we run the city day and night, hommies make hey
Make it sunshine, make your dream reality
Nigga you can work it hard, make your dream come through
West Empire you can work it out, may your dream come through, yeah


I’ve got a fantasy
A dream that hold me down
It got my attention, drive me crazy
And I hold the ground
I’ve got a wildest dream
Like vision come around
Vision that got me thinkin’ sometime a day dream
And I picture it down

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Tee City – Wildest Dream, Mp3 Download




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Nigbeke Perekontei Justice West (PJay West)




While I was in Dubai to attend the Global Education and Skills Forum meeting, I received the news of the judgment of the Osun State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal declaring Senator Ademola Adeleke, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the winner of the 2018 Governorship election in the state.

Let me take this opportunity to commend the tribunal for its courage in nullifying what was clearly an illegality. This action by the judicial officers, albeit a first step in the legal process, gives renewed confidence in the judiciary at a time when there are coordinated efforts by some political leaders to undermine, if not destroy, it.

As I have repeatedly said, the world is watching events in Nigeria with keen interest. What we do or do not do right in our electoral process will have implications not just for Nigeria but for Africa and indeed the world. By correcting what was clearly a desperate attempt to change the will of the Osun people, the tribunal has saved Nigeria from great embarrassment and started the process of saving and strengthening our democracy.

Let me also commend Sen. Adeleke for his statesmanship in going to court to seek justice. This is the right and proper thing to do in any decent society. Going to court must be encouraged and not discouraged as some people are now attempting to do.

While I have refrained from commenting on the 2019 elections because one of the parties has gone to court, may I point out that those who call themselves our development partners and friends and preach sacrificing justice on the altar of so-called stability are enemies of justice, democracy and Nigeria. We will continue to sustain Nigeria in stability and unity on the altar of justice, equity, fairness, freedom, human rights and democracy. Stability cannot be successfully built on injustice, corruption, inequity, and divided nation, and incompetence, nepotism and one-sidedness.

Nigeria will march forward with or without those who will want to feed us with diet of values and actions that are not acceptable in their own countries. Nigeria is of age. And if Buhari could go to court three times to seek justice, even without reasonable cause, any Nigerian who feels denied of justice must feel free to go to court.

Those who have conceived and are promoting the narrative that if Atiku Abubakar continues to seek legal redress there will be violence, are evil minds looking for excuse to unleash violence on Nigerians. At no time in history has sustainable peace been built on theft, injustice, corruption and inequity. These merchants of chaos and violence should have no place in any decent society. And they must know that no intimidation or prophesy of violence and doomsday will cow anybody. Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians. We will respect as friends those who believe that what is good for their country should be good for Nigeria. Yes, we are Africans but we have values that are consistent with international standards. Court is part of our democratic process and it must be used when necessary if only to achieve justice, stability, unity and progress for our country.


Having Six(6) Years Of Assassinating Col Muamar Gaddafi, Here Are His Prophecies To Libya

Accordingly, “I will not go into exile to any foreign country. I was born here in Libya, and I will die here.

This country was a dessert, and I turned it into a forest, where everything can grow.

No one Love this land more more than its citizens. If Europe and America tells you that they love you, be careful. They love the wealth of your land. The oil and not the people. They are helping you to fight against me but, it will be more wise for you to fight against them because they are fighting against your future and progress.

My message to you the people of Libya is, they are helping you to kill me but you will pay the price because you will suffer. And my message to you America and Europe is, you will kill me, but be ready to fight a never ending TERRORISM.
Before you realise your ignorance, terrorists will be hitting you at your doorstep.”

GADDAFI once told the Nigerian and British governments to divide Nigeria into two, so that the Hausa/Fulani (Moslems), Yoruba (Christians) and Biafrans/Igbo, can live as neighbouring countries.

It’s good we look at these 16 REAL REASONS WHY COL. GADDAFI WAS KILLED:

1. There is no electricity bill in Libya, electricity is free for all its citizens.

2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens are at a 0% interest by law.

3. Home is considered a human right in Libya. Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a

4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinars (US$50,000) from the government to buy their first apartment.

5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi, only 25% of Libyans were literates. Today, the figure stands at 83%.

6. Libyans taking up farming as a career, they received farm land, a farming house, equipment, seeds and livestock to kick- start their farms – all for free.

7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they needed in Libya, the government funded them to go abroad for it.

8. In Gaddafi’s Libya, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price.

9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0. 14 per liter.

10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – now frozen globally.

11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation, the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.

12. A portion of Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.

13. A mother who gave birth to a child under Gaddafi, received US $5,000 as child benefit upfront.

14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15
15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree

16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man- Made River Project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
If this is called “Dictatorship”, I wonder what type of Leadership Democrats have!!
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Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Appeals To The Management Of NNPC For Special Consideration In It’s Ongoing Recruitment Exercise

By, Nigbeke Perekontei

President of Ijaw Youth Council, Barr. Oweilaemi Pereotubo has appealed to the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Dr. Maikanti Kacalla Baru for special consideration in the employment recruitment for youths of the Niger Delta region, particularly the Ijaws who have sacrificed for the enduring peace in the region.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, the President who commended the giant strides of the GMD and his management team for their relentless efforts at repositioning the corporation which has necessitated recruitment of more workforce, appealed that youths of oil producing communities and areas should be given priority attention considering the environmental pollution, pains and challenges these affected communities are suffering.

While speaking further, Barr. Oweilaemi said IYC is always ready to partner and also help in whichever areas it’s assistance is needed. He revealed to journalists that the relative peace in the Niger Delta is as a result of the collaborative efforts between IYC and other ethnic groups in the Niger Delta that have been engaging various youth groups to emphasize the overwhelming importance of peace.

(Photos) Man In Kano Cut Off His Hand That Voted For Buhari, After INEC Declared Ganduje Winner Of The State Supplementary Election

This was earlier reported that, Man in Kano state which name was not acertained, cut off his hand that voted for president Buhari, after INEC declared Ganduje winner of Kano state supplementary election.

According to our correspondent, this is reportedly the second case recorded in Kano state for the same reason.