1) Don’t allow your children who can’t recognise voice, to open doors for strangers/visitors.

2) Recognise the voice of the visitors/strangers before you open your doors.

(3) Lock up all your doors, when you are indoors, especially evening time.

(4) Switch off all your electric gadgets, before going out, even when there is no power supply from PHCN.

(5) Check all your cooking materials, before you go out.

(6) Stay away from any strange man, who looks like a pregnant woman, he may be carrying harmful products.

(7) Lock up your cars, even when you packed them in your compound.

(8) Protect your cars and motorcycles keys from being duplicated by suspected criminals.

(9) Protect your sim cards, from being stolen by suspected criminals, else they can use it for ransome negotiation.

(10) Buy Fire extinguishers for your cars and houses.

(11)Tell the teachers of your children not to release them to anybody, except on your request with evidence from you.

(12) Don’t allow strange people to sleep in your house, direct them to the nearest Police station, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), DSS

(13) Don’t send your ATM, BVN pin to anybody on any account.

(14) Don’t pay for any car or Goods online, if you are not sure of the source.

(15) Don’t allow little children to go to school , mosque or Church alone.

(16) Don’t travel without informing anybody.

(17) Report all suspected criminals to the Police, Armed Forces, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), DSS.

18. Lock Your Doors when you are Watching MOVIE or Your Favorite TV Shows.

19. While Watching ur Favorite TV SHOW using a Generator and it Suddenly go Off, Don’t Rush Out immediately to Open your Door.
It may be Armed

Pls you can Rebroadcast this to your family and Friends.


….. God Bless Nigbeke Perekontei Oweibotei West.


Convener, Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, Chief Edwin Clark, Has Condemned The Planned Arraignment Of The Chief Justice Of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, Before The Code Of Conduct Tribunal (CCT)

Chief Edwin Clark,

Convener, Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, Chief Edwin Clark, has condemned the planned arraignment of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, before the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT)

MAIN NEWS reports that the government will on Monday, January 14, 2019, arraign the CJN before the Justice Danladi Yakubu led-Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) in Abuja on charges of failures to declare his assets as required by law and for operating Bank Domiciliary Foreign Currency Accounts.

The charges against Justice Onnoghen were filed and served on him last Friday at his official residence in Abuja preparatory for his appearance at the tribunal.

Reacting, Clark in an interview with Daily Trust, described the move by Buhari and APC ‘as an attempt to rig the forth coming general elections.

According to him, the South South people will resist the move against the CJN, because the game plan of the Buhari administration is to sack Justice Onnoghen and get a more pliant CJN that will pander to the whims of the government.

He said “The news of the arraignment of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen before the Code of Conduct tribunal (CCT) on Monday has come to us as a shock because there is nothing to show that this man has not been doing his job properly.

“There is nothing to show that he is corrupt; simply because they want to rig this election, they want to remove him to put somebody who will do their bidding after the election; otherwise, there is no basis for harassing the judiciary,” he noted.

“Yesterday, it was the Acting Director General of the Department of State Security Services (DSS), Matthew Seyeifa who was removed and somebody who was retired was appointed to take his place.”

“The Niger Delta regions would resist the arraignment of Justice Onnoghen.

“We deserve some respect. So, we will resist this one, and I understand that our governors had meeting on this matter too and we will all come together.”

JUST IN!!! Buhari Denies Role in CJN, Onnonghen’s Saga – Main News

To him, Allah is my Witness, I am Not Aware that Chief Justice, Onnonghen Is to be Arraigned at the Code Of Conduct Tribunal (CCT). – President Buhari.

Nigeria is ruled by PROXY in the last 38 Months and yet the same EVIL and WICKED Nigerians that brought this accidental President, want him for another 4 Years.

Aisha Buhari confirmed that her husband is not in charge.
Amaechi has said the obvious.
Tinubu in his fashion re-echoed the same,
Northern Elders have warned Nigerians about a CABAL in the Villa is calling the shot.
APC members have mourned about the few guys in Aso Rock ruling Nigeria.

Buhari has said it many times that He is NOT IN CHARGE of what is happening in Aso Rock. “I am NOT Aware”.

Buhari is Naturally Dishonest, Corrupt and has NEVER taken practically taken responsibility for his failing, Google back from the time he was a Military Administrator.

Buhari is personally responsible for the plan to Frame the Nigerian Highest Judge and attacks on the Judiciary in the last Three and half years. He has Messed up our Military, Police, ParaMilitary, Civil Service, the Executive, Legislators, Judiciary (Lower and Appeal Court). The Supreme Court is Buhari’s last battleground, as he is certain that in a One-Man-One-Vote today in Nigeria, Buhari will not secure 38% of the Votes.

Omavowan Oboro Remains The Best Option For Delta Central Senatorial Seat – Urhobo Leaders

By Sunday Apah, Ughelli

Urhobo leaders across the eight Local Government Areas in Delta Central have stated that Hon. Evelyn Omavowan Oboro Esq. remains the best option for Delta Central Senatorial seat come come February 16.

The leaders who made this known while addressing a mammoth crowd at Ethiope West, Sapele, Uvwie, Okpe and Ughelli North Local Government Areas of Delta state during the governorship rally, said Hon. Evelyn Oboro’s experience, patriotism, popularity and achievements are already working for her

They pointed out that the electorates desire to vote her in the forthcoming National Assembly election can attest to their claim that Oboro remains the best option for the people of Delta Central Senatorial District come February 16 election.

The leaders, Chief James Ibori, Prof. Amos Utuama, Prof. Sam Oyovbaire, Chief Tom Amioku, Olorogun Kingsley Esiso Chief Eddie Ono-Sorhue, Chief Godwin Edeki, Chief Alfred Onavwa, Hon. Alex Amudo and others explained that Oboro as a councilor, council chairman and second term member of the House of Representatives, representing Okpe, Sapele, Uvwie Federal Constituency, performed creditably well with the construction of several Primary Health Centres, Classrooms blocks, Solar Water Projects, provision of Motor-Saws, Motorcycles, Over 300 Tricycles, Over 49 Cars, several transformers, grinding machines, barbing kits, sewing machines, power generating machines, deep freezers for her constituents and payment of WAEC fees for 240 students across the 24 Urhobo Kingdoms.

“Also, she attracted several roads and other infrastructural projects to her constituency through the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), attracted employment of her constituents into various government agencies”, the leaders added.

According to the leaders, Oboro has plans to empower more constituents soonest, so if elected senator come February 16, Oboro will do more and will not bring disgrace to the Urhobo, rather will bring to bear her wealth of experience as a ranking legislator in the floor of the senate.

While lamenting the absence of an articulate, humble and pride free senator in Delta Central, the leaders appealed to Urhobo elders, leaders and stakeholders in the senatorial district to support and vote Hon. Evelyn Omavowan Oboro for senate, for better and quality representation of Urhobo come February 16, 2019.

Warri South West Ward To Ward Campaign Flag off -MAIN NEWS NIGERIA

Orere, Ogborodo, Akpakpa Ogidiben, are PDP Territories- WSWCC

“I’ll foster peace, unity and carry out my oversight function as a lawmaker,” Mr Guwor-

“We all know, the APC change is a scam,” Chief Ereyitomi-

In what was supposed to be a Ward to Ward campaign in Warri South West LGA; however, it turned out to be a mega Senatorial Rally as the Warri South West Campaign Committee (WSWCC), took the bull by the horn by kick starting its campaign itinerary in the forthcoming general elections.

“It is overwhelming, seeing the mammoth crowd that has converged here today,” the Campaign Committee stated, adding that, this clearly shows that Orere, Ugborodo, Ogidigben, Akpakpa, Madangho and Ajudaibo are PDP territories.

Hon. Favour O. Izoukumor, who spoke on behalf of the team, affirmed this when the campaign train visited the six (6) wards respectively, stressing that come February 16th and March 2nd, it’s going to be 5 over 5.

On his part; HOUSE of Assembly Candidate, in People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Mr. Emomotimi D. Guwor, has reaffirmed his readiness to foster peace, unity and carry out his oversight function prudently as a lawmaker if elected.

Mr. Guwor affirmed this, at the Ward to Ward Campaign Flag Off by the Warri South West Campaign Committee, in Orere, Ogidiben, Ugborodo, Akpakpa, Madangho and Ajudaibo, while soliciting supports.
According to Emomotimi Guwor: “I cannot be a force of disunity, noting that, both the Ijaws and Istekiris, have a common problem and that problem is development”.

I will foster peace, unity and ameliorate development, most especially on the educational sector, the PDP’s candidate noted.

Chief Thomas Ereyitomi, House of Rep Candidates in Warri Fed. Constituency, on his part said it is obvious to Everton that APC led administration is a scam.

The House of Rep Candidate accused the APC gross inequality, hunger and disunity pervading the country. Pleading with his Itsekiri brothers and sisters to always imbibe in voting the umbrella party

Powered: by Warri South West Campaign Publicity Committee


Hon. Blankson Edwin Osomkimi Candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) for YELGA-KOLGA Federal Constituency paid a visit to HRM, King Bubaraye Dakolo AGADA IV, King of Ekpetiama Kingdom of Bayelsa state and his councils of chief to seek for the Royal Blessing of the reverered Royal King.

He received the king blessings.

JUST IN!!! INEC Announces Voting Procedures For 2019 General Elections

INEC highlighted seven procedures the electorate should follow in casting their votes on the day of elections.

Read the procedures below;

Step 1:

Upon arrival at the polling unit, joins the queue and present yourself to the INEC official (APO111) at the polling unit who will determine whether you are at the correct polling unit and check if the photograph on the Permanent Voter Card (PVC) matches your face. If satisfied, he/she will direct you to the next INEC official (APO1).

Step 2:

The official (APO1) will request for your PVC to confirm that your card is genuine and your details, using the smart card reader. He/she will ask you to place your finger on the card reader to confirm that the PVC belongs to you by ascertaining, the card reader will contain the name, photograph and fingerprints of all those registered in their polling unit.

Step 3:

You will then meet the next official (APO11) who will request for your PVC to confirm that your name and details are in the voters’ register. Your name will be ticked and your PVC returned to you. He/ she will then apply indelible ink to the cuticle of your appropriate finger for that election to show you have been accredited to vote. (If your name is not found on the register, you will not be allowed to vote).

Step 4:

The presiding officer (PO) stamps, signs and endorses the date at the back of the Ballot Paper. The PO will roll the ballot paper inwardly with the printed side inwards and give to you. He /she will then direct you to the voting cubicle where you vote in secret.

Step 5:

You will stain your appropriate finger for the election with the ink provided then use your stained finger to mark the space or box provided on the ballot paper for your preferred candidate/party. Roll the marked ballot paper (in the manner the PO gave to

Step 6:

Then leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the polling unit.

Step 7:

You will then leave the polling unit or wait if you so choose in an orderly and peaceful manner to work the process up to declaration of result.

N.B. The result of each polling unit shall be pasted at the unit and for everyone to see.