Bukola Saraki Lands In Kwara After Being Accused Of Sponsoring Murder Suspects (Photos)


May 19/2018 4:45

The senate president, Dr.Abubakar Bukola Saraki yesterday arrived at his hometown in Kwara state.

He was welcomed warmly by state government officials as he touched down at the Ilorin International airport.

His arrival in Kwara is coming just after he was fingered by the murder suspects recently arrested by the Kwara State Police Command in Ilorin last week and transported to Abuja. The suspects reportedly named Bukola Saraki, Kwara State governor, Abdulfattah Ahmed, as their sponsors.

The suspects reportedly confessed to have been on the payroll of the Kwara State government and Mandate Office of Saraki.

One of the suspects and leader of the killer squad, who is the son of Salihu Woru, the spokesman of Magajis in Ilorin Emirate, told the police that he was placed on salary Grade Level 16, while his colleagues are on Levels 10 to 15.

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