Breaking: Egbesubiri Election, Ekpemeji Ekorimo Win The Election For The Position Of “Wuru Tuwawei” To The King

Today day 11th of June 2018 marked the historical day that has not been forget of all the successful election that conducted in Arogbo in ESE Odo local governed area in Ondo State,Nigeria.

The election was said to be conducted by only male and the Females where deprived for there right to vote and to be voted for in the election also “Opu Erubiri” was excluded out of Egbesubiri.

According to the elders of Egbesubiri opined that Opu Erubiri is part of Erubiri not Egbesubiri.

Finally Ekpemeji emerged as the winner of the election with 163 votes out of 266 and the second runner got 064, the third runner got 028, the final loser got 021 Votes as showed by the election result.

The Egbesubiri asserted that the title of “Wuru Tuwawei” is not a title of one family and it has been noted and the winner of the election is said to be signed a document with lawyers on it.

Every contestant is said to buy the election ticket with a sum of #5000 ( Five thousands naira) and one Eagle schenapp for him to quality for the election. And the winner of the contestant s will paid a sum of #50,000 ( Fifty thousands naira and paid the refreshment.

The chairman of the election Mr, Birinimibofa Emotimi E signed the result immediately after the election and also signed by secretary Atilagha Karamini and all the contestants.

The contestants

Pere Jay West and Epu Boys, Arogbo

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