Congratulations To Arogbo Ijaw Ibe Kingdom, Ondo State,Nigeria By Pere Jay West

I use this medium to congratulates Arogbo Ijaw Ibe Kingdom in Ese Odo Local Govt Area of Ondo State, Nigeria for it newly coronation.

The congratulating goes on it newly crowned king, His Royal Majesty Pere (Barr) Doubra Zaccheaus Egbunu as the “Amananaowei” of Arogbo Ijaw Ibe kingdom in Ondo State and it surbodinates towns and villages such as Agadagba Obon, Amapere, New Jerusalem, Bolowou, Ajapa, Opuba, Ukpe, Ogidigba 1 and 2, Tubukiri, Igan Igbo, Asere, Biagbini, Agbedigbanran, Olomokpukpa, Safarogbo, Adoloseimo 1 to 3, Ijejekubu, New Ajapa, S.k Ama, Oriaran, Pubilebu, Pububoh, Kolonbo, Bilebu, Awodikuro, etc that surrand the great city of Arogbo Kingdom.

I will also use this opportunity to call some of the leaders and the youths who accepted the coronation of the recent crowned king, and for those who are worshiping money and for those who are not worshiping money like the head of the priests (Okpanrans) High Chief Tani Akparuku Salu, who do not partook and discribed the whole event as a modern way of crowning king in the land that which was not so in the ancient periods.

I am still enphasising my point of greeting to His Highness A.O Sofigha the ” Tarabiritoru of Arogbo Kingdom and to the great High Chief R.A Bekewei, who took good care of kingdom since the death of the late king, His Royal Majesty Pere D.M.E Eperetun over 11 years ago before the emergency of the recent crowned king Pere Barr Doubra Egbunu on 25th June 2018.

My regards also opined High chief Thomson Eduh the “Ibagbunu of Arogbo kingdom who is the “Pere Koriwei” of Arogbo in outside of the Egbesu Temple and the general public.

I will also like to expatiate my compliments to some of the “Egbesu” priests such as Chief Longlife Titiboh, Ayebi Sofigha and others that are not listed here, and also the sponsorer of the whole event, High Chief Bibipiri Ajube, CEO Bradama International and also the CSO of Galary security company.

I further extend my greetings to High Chief Government Ekpemupolo Tompolo the “Owoumadau of Ijaw land.”

My King may you live long in Jesus name “Amen!”


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