Niger Delta Wicked Leaders and Their Blind Followers. By, Prophet Erebe Ajabowei Emmanuel Akiri, Arogbo

Niger Delta is typically considered to be located within nine coastal Southern Nigeria states, which include: Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Ondo, Abia, and Imo states.

Historically and cartographically, it consists of present-day Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers states. In 2000, however, formal president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo regime included the other six states in the region. Some 30 million people of more than 40 ethnic groups including the Ijaw/Izon, Igbo, Ukwuani, Kalabari, Okirika, and Ogoni are among the inhabitants of the political Niger Delta, speaking about 250 different dialects.

Today, a region that is blessed with excessive crude oil cannot provide Healthy environment for the masses, because the wicked leaders are only running for theirselves interest.

Both the Traditional Leaders and the wasteful politicians are corrupt. All they see and do is to embezzled billions of naira and go and buy masions that they will leave on earth, in developed countries like Dubai, but failed to see that, those countries foundations were laid by leaders like them.

Arogbo Izon popular highlife musician, Late High Chief Oyerigha Echo Toikumoh said, ” Greediness, Selfishness, Injustice, Discrimination; these are causes of trouble.”

The vision of Dubai was started long time ago by the grandfather of the present ruler. But our blind leaders failed to see the truth, because the eyes of their hearts are evil, so they can’t differentiate good and bad, therefore they can’t differentialize right and wrong. When Jesus said, ‘ blind leaders of the blinds ‘ he didn’t mean their physical eyes, rather, the eyes of their hearts, because their hearts are wicked.

While, the visionless youths are praising them, because of the aimless amnesty they are misusing. That blind, deaf, and dumb person, Helen Keller, who was born in 1882, became blind, deaf, and dumb at her early age said, ” The gratest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight, but lack vision.” Proverb 29:18 says, ” Where there is no vision, the people are perish.”

The call is for effective, creative, productive, sensitive, traditionist, above all, God’s fearing youths from Arogbo kingdom in Ondo state, to come out as one voice to move the kingom toward goals, that will benefit the kingdom real needs. Like having our own nation ( United State of Arogbo Kingdom ). Slogan: Land of Peace. Plag: Pure white.

If United Arab Emirates ( UAE’s ) can successfully formed a nation, one day, Arogbo Kingdom can also become a nation. UAE’s is a federation of seven constituents monarchies. The king of Abu Dhabi is the president of the federation, while the king of Dubai is the vice president. Well organised and law abiding nation, where our useless politicians embezzled our money to.

Prophet Erebe Ajabowei Emmanuel Akiri ( aka God of Ajasco: The Only Self Made God: The King David of Our Time: The Oracle of The Mighty God Egbesu ‘God of Izon ‘: The Son of Igbabrapagha ) is the founder and president of God of Ajasco knowledge Center ( aka Home of Wisdom )

Also authored many books that are not yet published including; • The Mighty God Egbesu and His People • The King David of Our Time • The Vision of Arogbo Kingom • Our Leaders Must Know God’s Purpose for Our Lives • I Believe in Dreams

Comming soon book by EREBE The Future Leaders “

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