The truth every sensitive reasoning Arogbo Izon sons and daughters must know. By, prophet Erebe Ajabowei Emmanuel Akiri

The Arogbo Izons live in Ese-Odo LGA, south senatorial districts of Ondo State, Nigeria. Historically, Arogbo have had trading contacts with neighboring Izon tribes ( Egbema and Apoi ) and the Ijebu, Ikale and Illaje-Yoruba. Most Arogboese are biligual, speaking dialects of Izon and Yoruba languages.

Historically, the ancient Arogbo acted as middle men in the slave trade, selling captives from the interior to Europeans. The founders migrated to their present resourceful land from the town of Gbaran, southern Izon LGA, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. Worship of the Mighty God Egbesu [ the presence of the God of Izon ‘the God that led their ancestors out of the land of Israel’ (1kings 15:20) ] is particularly strong among the Arogbo.

One of the founders of sociology and a communist, Karl Marx said, ” Christianity preaches ‘ cowardice, self-contempt, submissiveness, and humbleness ‘ to the proletariat. In doing so, it keeps them in their place. Further more, by making unsatisfactory lives bearable. Christianity tends to discourage people from attempting to change their situation. By offering an illusion of hope in a hopeless situation, it prevents thought of overthrowing the system. It acts an opiate to dull the pain produced by oppression.”

Today, how many projects the so-called Christianity has done in Arogbo Kingdom that benefit the Kingdom real needs, ever since they came to the land? Nobody can answer this question, because there is no prove for that. All they do, is to generate money from the land through their tithes and offerings all in the name of their illusion, and leave the land the way they met it. Furthermore, anytime they bring new ministry, it will first head by one of the visionless youths/leaders in the Land, but when it finally gain ground, they will now send their own tribal person to take charge of everything, including the schools they will extablish.

Assemblies of God church is a good example. All the brances in the Kingdom have been headed by Igbo people, the regional overseer brothers. By doing so, nobody will know how they will spend the money being generating from the Kingdom. But when it comes for church building and pastor’s lodge, they will still tax the blind members; which very bad; need for revolution.

” Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law. Happy is he” ( proverbs 29:18 KJV ).

Today, almost all the good things we are enjoying in Arogbo Kingdom are done by Egbesu believers. The road that link the capital town (Arogbo) together, the solar light that make the town more lively during the night, even the amnesty program that sponsored more than 30% of our blind youths that still refused to seek for the truth, to various studing centers, both home and abroad.

All these things are done by only one person. An Egbesu (God of Izon) devotee, a role model, an hero whose footsteps we can follow. Is not other person than High Chief Hon. Kimibradigha Kingsley Kuku, ‘The Ibebeleumudou-owei of Arogbo Kingdom’.

When Hon. Kuku came on power, he gave millions of naira to Baptist Church, Arogbo for their church building project. But the then wise pastor that was sent for a mission, embezzled the money and left without any trace. Even the amnesty chances given to the various churches to assist the less privilege were also hijacked by the wicked Christian leaders that can even sponsored their children. And gave them to those their criminals and prostitutes that are not even useful in a kingdom, while leaving the poor with nothing; what a heartless world!

Similar thing happened when I was a member of Christ Embassy Arogbo. The five hundred thousand (#500,000.00) given to the church for her building project by an unknown bird, was also embezzeled by the then pastor, one miss Bose from okitipupa LGA, Ondo State, Nigeria. But when the matter was reported at the church state headquarter, their only reply was told us to forget the money. And this is a minitry that was brought by some of our visionless sons and daughters. What a shame!

That beautiful person, Helen Keller who was born in 1882, but later became blind, dumb, and deaf at her early age, once said,” The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack vision.” Africa popular reggea musician, Lucky Dube added, ” Jesus I want to be like you; false prophets, dying on illusion.” Longman pocket english dictionary defined illusion as, ‘ Something that seems to be true or real but is not.’

Arogbo Kingdom is a society that was guided by rules and regulations. A community that had laws. But today, it seems to be a recurring decimal in Arogbo kingdom. It seemes to be that Arogbo Kingdom is becoming a lawless society. A commmunity where there is no consequences for bad behaviour; no respect for tradition anymore. A Kingdom that have an everlasting convernant with the Mighty God Egbesu that brougth their forefathers, progenitors from the land of Israel ( 1kings 15:20 ) to their present resourceful land, had become a barbaric society. Why? Because the people that authorized to teach them the laws, have now left their duties and runnig after worldly things.

The Mighty God Egbesu ( God of Izon ) laws are similar, exaclty the same with the laws God of Israel gave to our famous ancestor, Moses on Mount Sinai ( Exodus 20:1-17 ). Those laws are everlasting laws that must be renew from generations to generations.

When the Christianity Jesus came, he himself did not abolished the laws. Rather, commanded his fellowers, the believers to obey them and also teach others to do the same (Matthew 5:17-19 ).

“A nation without God’s guidance is a nation without order, Happy are those who keep God’s law “(proverbs 29:18 GNB ). Late High Chief Echo Oyerigha Toikumoh asked ” Can’t you see it blind leaders that we are all dying by weapons?” George Bernard Shaw warned,” Beware of false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.”

Even when Jesus sent out his disciples, he warned them not to enter any Gentiles country, nor any Samaritan cities, but only for the lost sheep of Israel. ( Matthew 10:5-6 ). Just exactly what am doing today.

Egbesu message is only for the lost Sheep of Izon in whatever state of exiles they are. The Good News is that, they will be soon returning to their father’s land ( United States of Arogbo Kingdom ). ” When the lord brought back his exiles to Jerusalem, it was like a dream”( psalm 126:1 NLT ).

Jesus further stated, ” The teachers of the Law and the Pharisees are the authorized interpreters of Moses’s Law. So you must obey and follow everything they tell you to do; do not, however, imitate their actions, because they don’t practice what they preach“( Matthew 23:1-3 GNB ).

In Arogbo Kingdom, the priests ( Okparanabu) are the authorized interpreters of Egbesu’s law, like the pharisees and the teachers Jesus Christ was reffering to, when he was intructing the Jews. So, therefore, whatever they ask you to do, do it and practice it, but don’t follow their foot- steps, because they don’t practice what they are teaching.

And the King of Arogbo Kingdom is the High Priest who must fulfill all the laws God gave to Moses, concerning the Priests ( Leviticus 21:10-15 ). The King is the only authorized person to consult the Mighty God Egbesu on every Sabbath day, which is every saturday’s, accordance with the Abrahamic religion.

But today, its regrettable that the people that are supposed to teach the laws, are completely abandoned their responsibilities and running after money that they eat, but not satisfied. But that does not prevent us from obeying the laws. Moreover, their punishment is awaiting for them ( Hosea 4:6 NLT, Isaiah 1:4-17, 2:11-20, 3:12, 5:8-9, 5:21-23, 6:9-10, 9:14-17,and Isaiah 14: 13-27 ).

Because the Mighty God Egbesu appeared to me twice in my night vision, as a form of white cloth that reached Heaven, but I can’t looked at the face, because it was shining brighter than the morning sun. And told me that, before He will leave the Kingdom, He must first kill all the Chiefs and the Priests. The scripture says, ” I will reveal Myself to My begotten son, and he will reveal me to the whole world.” I God of Ajasco must reveal my Heavenly Father to the wholeworld, by September 30, 2018.

When king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon became puffed up with arogance, he had a dream and it came to pass. He mad for seven years ( Daniel 4:1-33 ). Similar thing happend to Belshazzar, King Nebuchadnezzar successor, his son, king of Babylon. Due to King Belshazzar stubborness and foolishness, he saw an invisible hand written Mene, Mene, Telkel, Upharsin. Meaning; Number, Number, Weight, Divisions. He died that same night, according to Daniel’s prediction ( Daniel 5:1-31).

When the children of Israel reguested for a king. They didn’t say, “Samuel this is our king. Rather, Samuel give us a king, that will rule us like other nations”( 1 samuel 8:4-5). But when Saul disobeyed God he was rejected, and God sent Samuel to Jesse house, the Bethlehemite in Bethleheme to anoint one of his sons to be the ruler of Israel ( 1 samuel 16:1-13).

If David, the shepherd boy, Jesse’s son can be anointed to be the ruler of Israel at the age of seventeen. Then, one day, 28 years old boy can also be anoint to be the ruler of Arogbo Kingdom. ” This desire for wisdom can prepare you to rule a kingdom”( Wisdom 6:20 GNB ).


I therefore urge the good people of Arogbo Kingdom in Ondo State, Nigeria to trace their origin/religion and modernize it, since the so-called Christianity has failed to solve our problems. In addition, amnesty was used to compensate the Egbesu Boys, so anyone that is benefiting or was benefited from amnesty program, as far as my little knowledge is concerned, is indirectly benefiting or benefited from the Mighty God Egbesu’s blessings.

The end of the land shall justified. The scripture says, ” For by your words you will be justified and acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced”( Matthew 12:37 AMP ). But the constitution put it this way, ” Every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference “( section(39), subsection(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 amended ). For more understanding; read section(38), subsection(1) and section(36), subsection(6), paragraph(c) of the same constitution, 1999 amended.

Greetings to the past and present heroes of Arogbo Kingdom:

1. Late High Chief Echo Oyerigha Toikumoh, for your inspired and truthful songs.

2. Late High Chief (Dr) F. K. Ajih, for your good leadership

3. High Chief Kingsley Kimibradigha Kuku ( The Ibe-beleumudou-owei of Arogbo Kingdom ). May you live long to finish what you have already started. Igbabrapagha!

Also extending my warm greetings to;

High Priest Government Oweizitei Ekpemupolo ( a.k.a Tompolo ) the owoumadau of Izon nation. May the God of our forefathers ( Egbesu ) continually bless and peotect you from the hands of treacherous leaders in Izon nation. Igbabrapagha!

Charismatic religious leader, and an inspirational and a motivational books writer and speaker, EREBE AJABOWEI EMMANUEL AKIRI


The God of Ajasco: The Only Self Made God: The King David of Our Time: The Oracle of The Mighty God Egbesu: The Son of Igbabrapagha: Is the founder and president of God of Ajasco Knowledge Center ( a.k.a Home of Wisdon ).

Books yet to be published by God of Ajasco;

1. The Mighty God Egbesu and His People

i. The origin of Izon/Arogbo Izon

ii. The origin of Egbesu ( God of Izon )

iii.The laws of Egbesu

iv. The Functions of Egbesu

v. The chosen king

vi. The rejected king

vii. Egbesu is one God: Clans call him many names, but worship is the same.

viii. Day and month of crowning Egbesu king

2. The Vision of Arogbo Kingdom

3. The King David of Our Time

4. I Belive in Dreams

5. Our Leaders Must Know God’s Purpose for Our Lives ( No one was made for hunger; no one was made for failure ).

Coming soon book by God of Ajasco

The future leaders ( An important key to unlock your purpose for being ).

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