Dangote Petroleum Refinery Recruitment 2018/2019

We want to use this opportunity to inform the general public, and all interested applicant who wish to join the Dangote Petroleum Refinery, That the 2018/2019 Dangote Petroleum Refinery Recruitment Form is now out online.

The Dangote Petroleum Refinery is a state-of-the-art refinery (world’s largest single train refinery) with an integrated petrochemical complex and an ultra-modern fertilizer complex with the largest trains in the world are under construction at Lekki, in Lagos State.

Job Position: 2018 Engineering/ Post Graduate Engineering Trainee Programme
The Job Location: Lagos

We are looking for intelligent, highly motivated candidates who would be willing to work hard, who have the ability to apply common sense in analyzing and resolving problems and who value honesty and integrity.
Job Qualifications

Engineering Graduates/Post Graduates in the discipline of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation/Control/Automation/Electronics Engineering.
Minimum of Second Class Upper (2:1)
Selection Process
The successful applicants would be taken through an exhaustive training programme and be provided with challenging job opportunities.

The selection process would be very rigorous, including written tests in relevant engineering discipline, group discussions, psychometric test, IQ tests and individual interviews.
Interested and qualified applicants should: to Apply -petroleum-refinery-graduate-trainee ml-recruitment-programme-2018/

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Homosexuality, Lesbianism Killing Nollywood – Mr IBU Cries Out

Popular comic actor, Mr John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu has condemned the rising spate of homosexuality in the Nigerian movie industry.

In an interview with Leadership published on Saturday, Ibu said the practice has been killing the industry gradually.

The actor, while answering a question on the challenges facing the industry since he acted his first gig in 1978, said, “For one , piracy came in and crept into the very fabric of the movie industry.

“A lot of other things came in too and shrank the growth and speedy rise of the industry.

“Homosexuality came in , lesbianism came in and a whole lot of people in the industry became members of these devilish acts to bring the spirit down .

“I came out and told them that this kind of spirit kills the spirit of the movie industry because all it does is to come close to somebody that actually devotes time for the industry, to make the industry grow through their respective offices and companies , making these persons they come close to start second – guessing what they are offering .

“I said to them , if you are indulging in this kind of devilish group , it won ’t work and because of that some slacked.

“Nollywood is my main constituency , so when things are happening on my watch that speaks contrary to what the industry is trying to portray then somebody has to speak up .

“But we still have a lot of people that take the industry very seriously, delving into the business and projecting a better name for the industry.”

However, he commended the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas for working assiduously to curb the trend.

Ibu added, “I must commend the National President (of AGN), Emeka Rollas. He has been doing a lot because for a very long time , good administration eluded us until he came in .

“He has been so wonderful in his administration . But he is only one man , he can’t do it alone but I also must tell you from the very careful selection of the National Task Force body , I know that we are going to succeed in making sure that we curb this thing .”

Ibu, while also lamenting the prevalence of piracy, called for the establishment of an anti-piracy body for the entertainment industry.

He said, “And again , since we have NAFDAC that are in charge of food and drugs in Nigeria , we have EFCC against corruption , then let’s have anti- piracy board for the entertainment industry, including the music and film industries .

“Those people will take care of us . And we would be very happy because anybody who is a writer will write more when the film is being sold , when actors act more, when directors direct more and when marketers market more.

“But , if this virus called piracy is going to continually plague the sector then that means we are labouring for nothing .

Piracy is still in existence but if only the government can just help us and setup an anti – piracy board in Nigeria, I would be the happiest person.

Top 10 historical places in Nigeria – MainNews.Blog

Nigeria is a country with very rich historical legacies. It’s one of the biggest countries in Africa. History was not always in favour of our land. Today, you will find out top 10 historical places in Nigeria that you must to visit!

Top Nigerian historical sites
10. Oduduwa Grove

Source: connectnigeria.ng

You will like to visit it’s one of the most sacred temples in Nigeria. Oduduwa Temple or Grove is in Ile-Ife, Osun State. This place is famous

for Oduduwa, who was the legendary ancestor and progenitor of the Yoruba nation. He was also a founder of Ile-Ife. This city which became his last resting place in the world. At this location, you can find a statue of Oduduwa with the chain.

..Source: afrotourism.com

Thousands of people visit Oduduwa Grave every year. It includes not only Nigerians but also international tourists. It’s one of the best attractions of Ile-Ife.

9. Emir of Kano’s Palace

Source: saharareporters.com

If you want to see some ancient structures with the traditional style of Africa. The Kano Emirate is a magical place situated in Kano State. It’s the legacy of Emir who controlled Northern Nigeria a long time ago. His headquarters were located in Kano city. Kano actually hosts ancient artifacts of old civilizations that were present before the period of the British Colonization. Emir’s Palace is one of the fractures of this ancient civilization.

8. Ogbunike Caves

Source: static.pulse.ng
This magical place is situated in Ogbunike. It’s one of the best sites of Anambra State. It’s the most famous collection of caves that you have never seen in the world. These caves have been used by local villagers for centuries as temples and sanctuaries. They provide spiritual and historical significance for all Nigerians. You would have to take more than 300 steps you will need to make to reach the cave.

The primary cave of the complex consists of an entrance and a big sacred open chamber. It’s one of the Nigeria historical sites that attract a lot of international tourists around the world. The chamber of the main cave has ten tunnels. They all connected with each other in the form of the labyrinth. Ogbunke caves are presented as the part of UNESCO Heritage Site.

7. Tafawa Balewa Square

Source: konbini.com

Tifawa Balewa Squire is one of the awesome locations to visit historical places of Nigeria. The whole place is situated in Lagos State. This magical construction was constructed in 1972. The picturesque entrance to the squire has four beautiful horses and seven red eagles. They define dignity and Strength.

There are also other monuments in the square that you shouldn’t miss. For instance, the Remembrance Arcade, where you can see the memorials of World War I and II, Nigerian Civil War Victims and the 26-storey Independence House.

The monument was built in 1963. It was one of the biggest and tallest constructions in the country. The capacity of the building is over 50,000 people, and it had a lot of different functions.

6. The Walls of Benin

Source: solarey.net

You can see these walls located in the Benin City of Edo State. The main idea of these walls was the defence of the Kingdom of Benin. It’s still considered to be the largest human-made construction in the lengthwise. It’s hailed from the largest earthwork in the world.

The very beginning of this construction was in 800, and it was finished only in the middle of 15th century. It was provided to be the greatest construction in the country in the 13th century.

5. The Walls of Kano

Source: imgur.com

It’s another ancient structure in the Ancient Kano City. The main reason for building such a wall was to create the perimeter of defence around the city. The very beginning of the construction was in 1095. Nevertheless, it was only completed in the 14th century. The radius of the monument is staggering 14km.

Today, the monument has spiritual and cultural significance for Nigeria. It’s one of the biggest handmade structures in the old world.

4. The first story building in Nigeria

Source: static.pulse.ng

It may not look like very gorgeous, but it provides a real historical value for Nigeria. It’s located in Badagry, Lagos. In 1842, the very first layers of the construction. The building was completed in 1845. The whole structure was created under the mission of the Church Missionary Society.

The building does not provide much attention for tourists, but it helps to construct historical heritage for Nigerians.

3. National War Museum

Source: zodml.org

This museum is located in Umuahua Abia State. It’s the resemblance of the grim episode of wars that happened in Nigeria. It’s part of the process for National healing and reconciliation. The museum is a collection of relics from different war periods of Nigeria. It includes Niger Delta conflicts, Nigerian Civil War and even the wars of old Nigeria Empires.

2. Olumirin Waterfall

Source: wikimedia.org

It’s one of the names of historical places that you should really know. Olumirin is translated as another deity. It’s located in Erin-Ijesha of Osun State. The waterfalls were discovered in 1140 AD. The person who discovered them was Akinla. She was a granddaughter of Oduduwa. These waterfalls attract over 50,000 tourists every year.

1. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

Source: unesco.org

This historical place is located in Osogbo. It’s one of the most famous places of Osun State. It’s a wonderful place located along the banks of the Osun River. This location in the country is filled with sculptures, shrines, sanctuaries and art works. The whole complex was created in the name of the goddess of fertility. For today, it’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Historical places in Nigeria have a lot of interesting facts that you might need to consider. These places are our history, and it’s our task that we save them for future generations!

How Teacher Impregnated 13-Year-Old Student During Lesson In Lagos (Photos)

A teacher of a popular primary and secondary school in Lagos, Mr. Ikejiobi David, has been arrested for engaging his 13-year old student in sex romps and eventually impregnating her.

The incident happened at the victim’s home located at Abiola Alao Street in Ijeshatedo, Lagos, where he was said to have sneaked in severally under the false pretence of teaching her extra lessons.
However, the whole thing got exposed after the victim became pregnant and her parents asked her to know who was responsible.
She then mentioned that David was responsible. The victim also revealed what transpired between her and the teacher who she said had capitalized on the absence of her parents to engage her in sex romps and eventually impregnated her.
The matter was reported to the Gender Section of the Lagos Police Command; David was arrested and detained at the Command for interrogation.

P.M.Express confirmed that he admitted engaging the 13-year old girl in romps but claimed that he slept with her only on two occasions and did not know that she get pregnant. He pleaded to be allowed to take care of the girl and the pregnancy.

The police found him culpable and charged him for defiling and impregnating an under aged girl.
He was arraigned before the Ogba Magistrates court for the alleged offence but his plea was not taken.
The prosecutor, Mr. Christopher John, informed the court that the alleged rape took place at the victim’s parent’s home where David went to teach extra lessons.
The Presiding Magistrate, Mr. Peter Nwaka, denied him bail and ordered him to be remanded in prison custody.

The court ordered that his file be duplicated and sent to DPP for advice.
Hence, David was remanded in prison custody and the matter was adjourned till 5th September, 2018, for the report of DPP to be available.
It was reported that if the DPP finds him culpable, the matter will be transferred to the High Court who has jurisdiction to try such matters and if he was found guilty, may spend up to 10 years in prison custody.
David was a teacher in a school located at Ajana Street in Ijeshatedo, Surulere, Lagos, and the school authorities were said to have sacked David over the unruly conduct.

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Cristiano Ronaldo shares photo of his family, says he hopes his son plays football

Juventus striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, shared a photo of himself, his girlfriend and his four sons via his twitter handle earlier today.

According to the 5-time Ballon D’or winner, he hopes his first son plays football just like him. C.Ronaldo, who recently left Real Madrid for Juve says his son is ‘fast, comfortable with the ball and strikes well.’ Ronaldo also noted that the young lad is as competitive as he.

Although he says he wants his son to play professional football just like him, he also wants the boy to make that choice by himself as he doesn’t want to pressure him.

Ronaldo wrote:
“My son? He is fast, comfortable with the ball and strikes well. He is very competitive and is like me, he does not like to lose. I dream of seeing him become a professional footballer but he is still young. He’ll have to make choices. I won’t put any pressure on him. “
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Jose Mourinho Confirms a Different Captain For Monday’s Game

Jose Mourinho confirmed that Manchester United captain Antonio Valencia should be back for Monday’s game against Tottenham.

Paul Pogba has worn the armband in his absence to differing opinion. In Valencia’s absence, United have struggled at right back, with Matteo Darmian and Ashley Young having below par games against Leicester and Brighton.

In a strange press conference today at Carrington, Mourinho answered just a few questions and stayed for a short amount of time talking to journalists; presumably frustrated by speculation about his future after the defeat to Brighton on Sunday.

Mourinho confirmed that Valencia and Nemanja Matic should be back in contention to play their first games of the season while Alexis Sanchez should return after missing the last game.

The United boss accepted there had been a little of criticism. “Yeah, but don’t ask me because I don’t read (it).

“I don’t know 10 per cent of what is written, I don’t know 10 per cent of what is coming on the TV screens, so I’m not the right guy to answer to it.”

Mourinho was short when asked about his relationship with Woodward.

“Of course (our relationship is fine),” he said. “No (problem at all).”

When asked about Pogba’s comments about his effort at Brighton, Mourinho was similarly short.

“Paul told (that), Paul has to answer by his words,” the United manager said.

“If you want any explanation about Paul’s words you must get him and ask him.”

BREAKING: Court Orders Release Of Protesting IPOB Women, Strikes – MainNews.Blog

A Magistrate Court in Owere, Imo State, has ordered the release of over 100 women detained after a protest demanding the release of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The women were arrested on August 18 and detained following allegations of alleged treason and unlawful assembly among other offences.

There have been campaigns and demands for their release, especially on social media. Global rights group, Amnesty International, on Friday condemned the detention of the women protesters describing it as a violation of their rights.

In an interview on Friday, the lawyer representing the women, Sam Amadi, confirmed their release, saying they were let off following a directive of the Imo State director of public prosecution.

“Yes, they have been released. The DPP gave a directive for the case against them to be struck out, earlier today and we took it to the magistrate, along with the detained women. The court ordered the immediate release of the women. All them who came to the court were released from there.

“Only about 12 of them who were not in this prison are expected to be released from the Okigwe prison where they are held. The case has also been struck out,” Mr Amadi said.

Earlier on Friday, the Takeitback Movement spearheaded by Omoyele Sowore, a presidential aspirant of African Action Congress (AAC), demanded the release of the women.

“We strongly protest the unjust detention of over 100 Nigerian women in Owerri, Imo State, and are outraged at the biased treatment of Nigerians in their own country,” the movement said in a statement by its Director of Media and Communication, Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi.

“Nigerians are slaughtered mercilessly at an increasingly disturbing frequency by herdsmen and the present government neither speaks nor acts. There have been zero arrests of the perpetrators and no compensation for the surviving victims. Boko Haram has decimated the North with scant retribution save for the present government swelling their coffers in ransom money.

“But women – our mothers, wives and sisters – who carried out a peaceful protest and caused neither harm nor disturbance to civic peace are quickly rounded up like cattle.”

The group said the government’s disregard for human rights of citizens is a disrespect for human life.

“The government’s disregard of the fundamental human rights of her citizens, as well as the reports of starvation of the arrested women since their incarceration points to a disrespect for human life and well-being. Carrying IPOB memorabilia can never be sufficient justification for this gross miscarriage of justice.

“The TakeitBack Movement fundamentally believes that all Nigerians have a right to peaceful protests. We also believe that raising questions about the restructuring of Nigeria is an inalienable right.

”Again, we ask, where is the justice? While men, who have maimed and killed hundreds walk around free and unfettered, our mothers from the South-east are in prison for raising a flag. We demand the immediate release of these women,” the group said.