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DELTA COMMUNAL CRISIS: Socio-economic activities grounded in Ogbe-Ijoh – IYC

By Emma Amaize_ WARRI

IJAW Youth Council, IYC, Western zone, yesterday, raised the alarm that social and economic activities have been grounded at Ogbe-Ijoh community, Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State, following the unending boundary dispute between it and neigbouring Aladja in Udu Local Government Area of the state.

Chairman, IYC, in the zone, Frank Akiefa, in a statement, also lamented that scores of residents had fled the Ijaw town as a result of the constant bloodbath and urged the Delta state governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, to urgently “put modalities in place to stop the crisis between the two warring communities.”

The Council asserted: “Within this period of hostility, socio-economic as well as political activities have been greatly halted not to talk of the incessant loss of lives and properties. Children no longer go to school because of fear. Many have been killed, mutilated, injured and permanently disfigured in Ogbe-Ijoh.”
“This avoidable crisis has also resulted in many have fleeing their homes.

Dwellers in these communities no longer go on with economic activities like fishing and farming for fear of losing their lives, thereby causing malnutrition and hunger.

“As the general elections draw near, we urge Governor Okowa to find a lasting solution to this dispute because elections might be thwarted in those areas. We also want to recommend that security personnel should be stationed in between the two communities to ensure lives and properties are secured.

“We equally use this medium to call the two communities to give a peace a chance. It is better you realize that crisis is an ill-wind that when it blows it does nobody any good. The warring communities should know that no parcel of land is worth the blood of a human being,” it added.


VIDEO: Buhari’s Certificate, Army Says Not In Possession Of Document

The Nigeria Army has finally broken its long silence over the educational qualifications of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) by asserting that the retired general actually entered the Army from secondary school.

Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Olajide Laleye, told a crowded press conference on Tuesday that the Army holds General Buhari in high esteem and would not like to be dragged into any controversy concerning the eligibility or otherwise of the retired general to occupy any public office.

Laleye stated, however, that the Army decided to speak now to douse the controversy over-shadowing the politician’s educational qualifications and to halt the avalanche of requests from numerous individuals and corporate bodies to the military asking for the records.

He stated that APC Presidential Candidate was enlisted into the army in 1961 without certificates since he was picked from the secondary school to start military service.

Brigadier General Laleye said: “Records available indicate that Major General Muhammadu Buhari applied to join the military as a Form Six student of the Provincial Secondary School, Katsina, on October 18, 1961. His application was duly endorsed by the principal of the school, who also wrote a report and recommended him to be suitable for military commission.”

The Nigeria Army spokesman noted, however, that the usual practice in the Nigeria Army before candidates are shortlisted for commissioning into the officer cadre, requiring that the Selection Board must verify the original copies of credentials that are presented by candidates may not have been followed in Buhari’s case.

His words: “There is no evidence or available record to show that this process was followed in 1960s. Nevertheless, the entry made on NA Form 199A at the point of documentation after commission as an officer indicated that the former head of state obtained the West Africa School Certificate (WASC) in 1961 with credits in English language, geography, history, heath science, Hausa and a pass in English literature.

“However, neither the original copy of the certificate, a Certified True Copy (CTC) nor the statement of results of Major General Buhari’s WASC result is in his personal file” as evidence of his claims.

During the question session, the Army spokesman stated that Buhari attended several professional courses relating to the military profession including two in the United States and other foreign countries.

Laleye expressed reservations and displeasure over attempts by politicians to drag the military into partisan politics and hoped that with the release of the records by the military, the matter will now be allowed to rest. – @Hope For Nigeria.

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VIDEO: Buhari’s Certificate: Army Says Not In Possession Of Document

VIDEO: AIYF finally cry out to the Agadagba of Arogbo, over the illegal arrest of youth in the kingdom by unknown military group

By, Nigbeke Perekontei West, Arogbo

Arogbo Ijaw Ibe Youth Forum (AIYF) finally cry out to the Agadagba of Arogbo kingdom in Ese-Odo local government area of Ondo state, Nigeria over the illegal arrest of youth in the kingdom by unknown millitary group.

The king promise the youth that such is unlawful. That he will put and end to issure of such and that youth are very useful in the society.

The Opukutu 111 promise the youth that the remaining person will be release in due course. That the youth should relax and remain law abiding.

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Chief (Dr). Julius Tekeme Applauds Okowa For Appointment Into State Cabinet – MainNews.Blog

The Hon. Commissioner for Urban Renewal in the Delta State Executive Council,Hon (Chief) Dr.Julius Takeme has applauded the Governor of Delta State,His Excellency, Senator (Dr).Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa for his appointment as honourable Commissioner for Urban Renewal of the Delta State Executive Council.

The Hon.Commissioner made this known to news men in Asaba shortly after receiving his appointment letter from the Delta State Government.Hon.Takeme while speaking to news men expressed readiness in giving Deltans the best of services in this daring times.

He applauded the State Governor for the rare feat of making him a member of his cabinet,noting that he is ready and prepared for the task ahead.

Chief.Takeme further commends the Governor and the Ijaw nationality in Delta State for standing with the Governor and his Deputy thus far.He prayed that the love and support will know no bounds going forward from 2019.

The Hon.Commissioner emphasised that his presence in the State Cabinet is to deliver and maximise the prime position of the PROSPERITY Mantra and the SMART Agenda of the Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa led Delta State Government,this he is committed to.

He reiterated that,as a Commissioner for Urban Renewal,he will stop at nothing to liaise properly to give Deltans the best,noting that he will equally close rank with the political family and that of Deltans to ensure landslide victory to retain Senator Okowa as Governor of Delta State till 2023.

Meanwhile,the Hon. Commissioner also expressed concern over the resurgence of the age long communal crises between the Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja communities.He maintained that with unity of purpose, tolerance and forgiveness on both sides,such energies expended in the recent upsurge would be used to meet the developmental needs of the people rather than crisis.

Chief.Takeme stressed that there is no gain in crises rather than killing,tears and sorrow meted on the people. The development we need can not be achieved in an atmosphere of war,adding that,it will be challenging for government to deliver its mandate of the prosperity mantra when lives and properties are threatened by crises.

He called to bare the uniqueness of the two ethnic nationalities of Urhobo and Ijaw,noting that the Urhobos and Ijaws have built a common ancestry over the years preexisting this age where Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja are partners in the bond.

Therefore,it is my appeal that, the Ogbe-Ijoh Ijaws and the Aladja Urhobos should have a rethink and sheath their swords in complying with the sustainable peace steps taken so far by the Delta State Governor and give peace a chance in order to attract development as well as encourage peaceful coexistence,the statement adds.

Breaking: Release Buhari’s credentials to INEC, Fayose Spokesman writes chief of defence staff

Lere Olayinka, spokesman of Ayodele Fayose, former governor of Ekiti state, has asked the military to release the credentials of President Muhammadu Buhari to the Inedpendent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Olayinka said this in an open letter to Abayomi Olonishakin, chief of defence staff.

While other presidential candidates submitted their credentials to INEC, Buhari told the commission that his were with the military.

Olayinka said failure to release the certificates of the president could have a negative effect on Buhari.

“I write as a concerned citizen of Nigeria to request that you use your good offices to effect the immediate release of academic credentials of Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) to INEC,” the letter read.

“Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) is the presidential candidate of the APC in the 2019 general election and he is in urgent need of the credentials to support his nomination as provided by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

“I wish to remind you that in 2015, the said Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) could not present his credentials because the then PDP government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan allegedly prevented the Military from releasing the credentials.

“The CDS sir, you should be reminded that the said Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) is the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, and he could have just used his powers to compel the military authority to use a Fighter Jet to fly the credentials to INEC.

“Kindly treat this request as urgent because the said Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) on whose behalf I make this request risks disqualification by INEC if he fails to submit the credentials as demanded by the law.”

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2019: President Buhari Fails To Present Credentials To INEC – MainNews.Blog

President Muhammadu Buhari is the flying the flag of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the 2019 presidential election.

One of the requirements of representing your party at the election is the submission of your credentials to Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

But upon investigations, it was discovered that President Buhari is yet to tender his credentials for verification.

Over 70 out of the 91 political parties are presenting presidential candidates that will participate in the 2019 Presidential elections.

Some of the candidates include: President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, Obadiah Mailafia of the African Democratic Congress, and former Governor Donald Duke of the Social Democratic Party.

A source at INEC said the figure might be higher than 70.



1. In the seventh year that king Obasanjo reigned over the kingdom, a great trouble broke out in the land. For when his time was come nigh that he may descend from the throne that he called unto himself noble men in the land.

2. And he declared unto them saying: “Now that my days on the throne are few, allow me therefore to rule over thee for another four years”.

3. And he gathered together of them that maketh laws in the Red Chamber in the city of the king, and even unto they in the Green Chamber, that they may amend the books of the law to favour him.

4. But this thing grieved Atiku the son of Abubakar who was the king’s deputy. And he said unto his master, “howbeit seekest thou to rule over the people for another term? sweareth not thou by the name of thy god to set me upon the throne after thee?

5. Practice thou not this great evil against me and against the kingdom for it is written in the books of the law that a king may not reign but for two terms which equal eight years”. But these words changeth not the heart of the king.

6. And Atiku conspired with the Governors of the provinces and of the men who maketh laws in the city of the great king and they rejected king Obasanjo that he may continually reign over the kingdom.

7. And the king was wrought with grave anger and he declared according to these words to Atiku the son of Abubakar saying, “because thou hath done this great evil unto me, thou shall no longer sit upon the throne of this kingdom even unto thy death”.

8. When the son of Abubakar saw that the king favoureth him not, that he departed from the camp of the king by the name PDP, and pitched his tent in the camp of the king’s adversaries by the name ACN that he may contend the throne of the kingdom.

9. And it came to pass that Governor Yaradua who ruleth over the province of Katsina found favour in the sight of king Obasanjo. And when the time was come for the appointment of the king that he defeated Atiku and was appointed and anointed king over the kingdom. And king Yaradua ruleth the kingdom with the fear of God. But his days as king was full of affliction.

10. And when king Yaradua gave up the ghost that Goodluck the son of Jonathan who siteth by his side as the deputy reigned after him. But when the time was come nigh that the son of Jonathan be appointed again that Atiku departed from the camp of the king’s adversaries and entered into the king’s camp that he may be appointed.

11 . But the son of Jonathan defeated Atiku again for he spake according to these words unto the people, “I feel thy pains brethren for I was once like thee. I wore no sandals on the soul of my feet in the years of my youth when seeketh I knowledge, for my parents were of little means”. And the people loved him and appointed him.

12. And the host of the other camps were vexed with a great vexation. For sixteen years they made battle against the king’s camp and hath not prevailed against it.

13. And a certain noble man by the name Audu the son of Ogbe declared unto the leaders of the camps that contended the throne with the king’s camp saying: “howbeit thinkest thou in thy heart to prevail against the king’s camp if comest thou not together as one?

14. Harken to my voice this day, come let us reason together that we may enlarge our coast and verily, verily I say unto thee, the throne of the kingdom shall be delivered into our hands.

15. Of the camps that came together that day to form the APC were ACN from the west, ANPP from the North and a part of APGA from the East of the kingdom. Even the unhappy in the camp of PDP crossed over into the camp too.

16. And Atiku the son of Abubakar departed again from the king’s camp by the name PDP and entered into the camp of the king’s adversaries that he may contend the throne.

17. But Mohammed the son of Buhari was favoured among them that seeketh the throne from the camp of the APC for he swore unto the leaders of the camp saying, “Behold brethren, I am full of age and my eyes are becoming dim, suffer me to ascend unto the throne for I shall only reign for four years”. And Buhari was anointed king over the kingdom.

18. And it troubled the son of Abubakar in his heart that he was rejected as king again. But he saith in his heart, I shall be of long suffering and remain in this camp for I shall ascend unto the throne after the fourth year of king Buhari.

19. But it came to pass that as the end of the fourth year of king Buhari’s reign was at hand that the advisers in the king’s court said unto him, be of good courage, gird thy loins and present thyself to be appointed again to reign over the kingdom for another four years.

20. And when Atiku heard of these words that he was vexed with anger and he repenteth that he joined the APC.

21. And he said, “I shall arise and go back to PDP which is the camp of my youth. And I shall declare unto them, “I have sinned against thee and against God. Accept me this day that I may once again contend the throne in thy bosom”.

22. And on the twenty fourth day of the eleventh month of the year before a new king is appointed that Atiku the son of Abubakar departed from the camp of APC and joined the camp of his youth.

23. And there was great jubilation in the camp of PDP that day for they said, “Verily, verily, the prodigal son returneth and I will give him my throne, he is the son of my youth and a son of my vow. Today I bestowed you into this kingdom and it’s affairs. I anoint you to rule over the kingdom. Thus says ecogreen…..

(The Bible of our time)
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