EPL: Why Manchester United paid £7.7m for Martial’s goal in 3-2 win over Newcastle

Manchester United’s dramatic 3-2 victory over Newcastle last Saturday cost the club £7.7million, SportsMail reports.
United battled back after falling 2-0 down at Old Trafford inside 10 minutes, scoring three times in the final 20 minutes to win 3-2.
Anthony Martial curled a superb effort into the bottom corner for the equaliser, between Juan Mata’s free-kick and Alexis Sanchez scoring the winner with his head.
That goal by the French forward cost United £7.7million, thanks to a clause in the deal which saw him move from Monaco in 2015.
United parted with £38.5m in two installments to sign Martial, but the deal included plenty of lucrative bonuses, which meant it could have eventually cost as much as £61.6m.
According to the report, one was that the Premier League side agreed to pay Monaco an extra £7.7m, if the Frenchman netted 25 goals in the Premier League before the end of the current 2018/2019 season.
There are two more clauses in Martial’s contract that could cost United £7.7m each.
One of these requires him to make 25 appearances for France – he is currently eight away. The other would need him to win the Ballon D’Or.