Aladja/Ogbe-Ijoh Communal crisis, Stop Accusing Nigerian Army-Ijaw Youth Council Warns

By, Francis Taylor, Warri

The attention of the most foremost Ijaw youth body (IYC) ogbe-ijoh warri kingdom has been drawn to the online publications that, “an unharmed Aladja youths and three women were killed by soldiers over ogbe-ijoh /Aladja crisis is a ploy to misinform the general public by Aladja community.

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) warns that Aladja community should stop blackmailing the Nigerian army to cover up their atrocities of yesterday. Since 21years ago,Aladja has been attacking the good and peace loving people of ogbe-ijoh and even restricting the Nigeria Army to pass through the government access road to ogbe-ijoh in order to maintain peace and order.

Ordinarily,we won’t have answered such senseless and baseless publications but for record purpose,we deem it fit to put the true story in the right perspective to guide the public.

A week ago,one Mr.Godwin of Ogbe-Ijoh were cutting off grasses at his compound was attacked by the lawless Aladja youths and was brutally hospitalized.Just yesterday,the same Aladja people came to attack Ogbe-Ijoh with sporadic gunshots and burnt down a building belonging to one Hon.Jude Akpodubakaye Gbaboyor which led to the resisted attack of yesterday.

The claims of one Hon.Billy Egbe and the Aladja big wigs that unarmed youths were killed by army is a mere lie and allegation.Those youths who lost their lives were armed youths sent to attack ogbe-ijoh and died in the process of gun battle.And those women were agents of Aladja community who always block the road with nakedness to strongly resist security agents from accessing ogbe-Ijoh was killed by stray bullet.

High Chief.Frank Omare and
Chief.Boro Opudu who are leaders of Ogbe-ijoh where not aware of the Aladja yesterday planed attack.

Engr Okosu Smart,the Chairman of IYC Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom asserted that blackmailing Nigerian army and ogbe-ijoh leaders is a way to get sympathy from the general public for their failed attack and warned the Aladja people that their actions will only take more Aladjans to their early grave.

For Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom.

Engr.Smart Okosu-Chairman

Engr.Pepper Funware-
Information officer


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