My reign will bring peace, unprecedented development to Ogbolubiri Kingdom, Apiarogun vows

*As Pondi, Amgbaduba, Asupa, Ijaws Chiefs, others graced occasion*

*This is the dawn of a new era – Iyasere*

The paramount ruler of Ogbolubiri-Mein Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area, Delta State, His Royal Majesty, Johnbull Polokowei, Apiarogun, Ongolo 1 has assured his subjects that his reign will bring peace and unprecedented development to the Kingdom.

Apiarogun made the declaration yesterday at the Ogbolu playground, Agbodobiri, traditional headquarters of the Kingdom shortly after he was coronated as the paramount ruler of the Kingdom.

Speaking with journalists in an interview session, the traditional ruler had told members of his kingdom to maintain peace at all times as development can’t strive in a violent environment.

However, the historic event was hugely attended by prominent personalities from all works of life, prominent among them include Rt. Hon. Julius Pondi, member representing Burutu Federal Constituency, House of Representatives Abuja; Chief Prince Emman Amgbaduba, Chairman Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Delta South; Hon. Asupa Peter Forteta, PDP candidate Burutu North, represented by his aide, Mr. Mike Akpi among others too numerous to mention.

*Pondi congratulates Apiarogun on coronation*

Hon. Pondi had however, congratulated the people of Ogbolubiri-Mein kingdom for their peaceful conduct during the coronation.

The federal lawmaker had further charged the Ogbolubiri traditional ruler to rule the kingdom in a manner that everyone will be happy with him.

Pondi had further noted that the emergence of the new king in Ogbolubiri after many years of living without a king is a sign of good omen and the beginning of good things to come.

While pledging to work with the king and other traditional rulers in Burutu Local Government, Hon. Pondi had maintained that the birth of the new king in the kingdom will also make his work more easier for the people.

*I feel happy and fulfilled – Amgbaduba*

Chief Prince Emman Amgbaduba, PDP chairman Delta South senatorial district had expressed happiness towards the development, stressing that he feels so happy and fulfilled.

The PDP chieftain in Delta state had further stated that he expects the new monarch to be one of justice, fairness, peace and upright in bringing development to the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, chief Debole Matthew, the Iyasere (Prime Minister) of Ogbolubiri-Mein Kingdom had on his part described the coronation as the dawn of a new era in Ogbolubiri, stating that it will mark the beginning of many good things to come.

The Iyasere had hinted *The Liberator Newspaper* that Ogbolubiri-Mein kingdom has three ruling houses which include Agbodobiri, the traditional headquarters of the kingdom, Okrika/Ofonibenghan and Gbekebor where the present king comes from.

He had particularly stated that the entire kingdom is happy hence the mammoth crowd that turned out for the event.

When asked on why it took the kingdom this long before the crowning of a new king, the prime minister of the kingdom had revealed that there was a legal battle in the kingdom on who becomes king, stressing that the case alone took nine (9) years as appealing the case will not be necessary, hence the coronation.

He said his expectations from the king is for him to quickly reconcile all aggrieved parties within the Kingdom, noting that the traditional ruler should leave a life of commitment, love and forgiveness.

Hon. Asupa Forteta, PDP candidate Burutu North House of Assembly who speaks through his aide, Mr. Mike Akpi had also congratulated the traditional ruler while calling on all sons and daughters of the Kingdom to rally behind the king to attract more development to the kingdom.

In a brief interview with *The Liberator,* Mr. Tom Eyoro-ere, chairman of Agbodobiri community had hinted our reporter that Ogbolubiri-Mein kingdom is mainly made of five communities which include Agbodobiri, Ofonibenghan/Okrika, Gbekebor, Egodor and Ogbeingbene.

In a similar development, a source who pleaded anonymity had hinted *LIBERATOR* in confidence that the three ancient and historic wooden pillars in front of the Ogbolu house in Agbodobiri represents the three ruling houses in the Kingdom.

Historically, it was stated that Ogbolu is the founder of Ogbolubiri-Mein Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta state.

According to our source, Ogbolu gave birth to five children which include Feimieghan, Amazuo, Okoro, Egran and Egodor.

It was stated that while Okoro, son of Ogbolu founded Agbodobiri, the traditional headquarters of the Kingdom; Egran also founded Ogbeingbene just as Egodor founded Egodor.

However, the story of Gbekebor and Okrika/Ofonibenghan remains slightly different as Ongolo, son of Feimiaghan founded Gbekebor while Angalangala, son of Amazuo founded Okrika/Ofonibenghan which now forms titles for the ruling houses.

High point of the ceremony was the wrestling contest among sons of Ogbolubiri which added more colour to the culturally loaded event and the dramatic display of three special masquerades for his His Majesty and the mammoth crowd that turned up.

Ijaw music expert, King Allen Alabor was at his best as he thrilled the audience to their admiration.

The event was well attended by Chiefs from Iduwini Kingdom in Delta state, Ogbe-Ijoh/ Warri Kingdom, Ngbilebiri Kingdom, Ogulagha Kingdom, Obetebe /Umbi Kingdom with the host of very many others too numerous to mention.


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