I have noticed with utmost disgust the communiqué promulgated by the self-arrogated Ijaw Interest Advocates ,IIA through various social media platforms and the print media under its jumbled leadership to the Managing Director of The Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Dr Nsima Udo Ekere over purported negligence of the riverine communities in the Niger Delta by the commission.

While I do not wish to get entangled with the group’s frivolous activities and their hankering desire for cheap relevance and favour from government and private firms in the scheme of things through unprovoked blackmails and inexcusable fulmination, I wish to empathetically state with all sense of purpose as a concerned Niger Deltan that the prevailing leadership of the Niger Delta Development Commission under its Chief Executive Officer has been so far adjudged the best the commission has ever experienced.

Under the current management of the commission, there has not been a single project that has been relinquished or uncompleted or abandoned across the nine Niger Delta states.

Consequently, it is insensitive and as a matter of principle, tactless for any individual or group within and outside the region to call for the resignation of the NDDC boss.

To The Issue of Relief Materials And Flood.

Ordinarily, replying the communiqué issued by the Ijaw Interest Advocates would only accord undue and undeserving credence to the group but for the reason that the public is not misled, a rejoinder to the issues raised in your communiqué becomes profoundly indispensable.

Above and beyond, The Ijaw Interest Advocates have no right whatsoever to meddle with the political aspirations of the Managing Director. His ambition for the gubernatorial seat in Akwa Ibom has not in any way affected the proper operation and functioning of the commission. Dr Nsima U. Ekere is a technocrat and ambitious man who believes in the growth and human capital development of people. Let me equally state that it is highly insolent, contemptuous and to say the least, impolite, to refer to the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission as a truant. This is height of recklessness and insubordination.

The group should know that their miscalculated efforts in repositioning the Ijaw nation as a major player in the Nigeria political, social and economic scene is only tainting her image through their various slanderous and blackmailing attacks on high profiled indigenes who in their various efforts contributed to the Ijaw vision.

Need I not remind any individual or group that this is not the first time the Niger Delta area especially those within the river axis is experiencing such a ravaging and devastating flood. It is a necessary evil. It is an act of God and what any reasonable and well meaning Niger Deltan should do is to make appeal for relief materials in other to ameliorate or cushion the hard biting effects of this rather unfortunate quagmire or undoing.

Should anyone or group cares to know, I have in good confidence that plans to release relief materials to all affected areas by the commission are underway, but this recent ill-conceived move by the Ijaw Interest Advocates by giving the NDDC boss an ultimatum and calling for his resignation on the event of noncompliance is only placing the cart before the horse.

I condemn in totality this posture of the group and advise them to desist from it as they are only going to end up on a wild goose chase with threats of intellectual cum legal actions against Dr Nsima U.Ekere.


Hon. Garry Stanley Ebifide


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