Share this message with any woman you know. (If you are a man and you receive this message, please help the women around you),
If a woman is seeing her menstrual period, please do not do these 4 things;
That is to say:

1. Do not drink ice water, soda water or eat coconut during menstruation.

2. Do not apply shampoo on the head because the pores of the head are open during menstruation and can cause headache, it is very dangerous and this effect can be felt when you are young and later when you get older.

3. Do not eat cucumber during menstruation because the sap present in the cucumber can block menstruation (waste of blood) in the uterine wall and can cause sterility.

4. Also during menstruation,
Your body should not be hit or hit by hard objects, especially the abdomen because it can cause vomiting and the uterus can be injured. And these are the “ORIGINS OF CANCER OF UTERUS, CHEMICALS AND BARRENES”
Research shows that drinking ice during menstruation can cause menstrual blood to remain in the uterine wall, after 5-10 years it can cause “UTERUS OR TUMOR CANCER”.

Please, this information is distributed to many women; mothers, wives, daughters or girlfriends. Show concern for others. Love your woman There is beauty in sharing … saving 1 woman, can you get an unexpected reward? This would be useful for women.

Uterus Cancer or Barrenness will not be your part … Source: LPKI (Indonesian Cancer Extension Institute)


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