2019: Bayelsa student group roles out criteria for supporting candidates

Student group in Bayelsa state under the auspices of National Union of Ekeremor Local Government Students, EKELGA Worldwide has stated that they would not chastise any political candidate to work with but will throw their weight behind candidates that will value them.

The group made the disclosure yesterday in a statement issued to newsmen by the national president of EKELGA, Comr. Doubra F. Ayiba in Yenagoa, a copy of which was sent to *The Liberator Newspaper.*

President Ayiba had decried the wanton negligence of students of the constituency by politicians representing the area.

Comr. Doubra had particularly stated that the students will rather use credibility and accessibility as measures of supporting candidates, stressing that it would no longer hid under the guise of any party to destroy its destinies.

However, the students under the leadership of Ayiba had vowed to participate fully in the fast approaching 2019 general elections as never before with its large membership spread across the constituency.

The statement reads: “As the campaign kick starts, it is very pertinent and worthy of note that we bring to the general public our own position as regards to the forthcoming general elections that Ekelga students will not chase anyone to work with but we will carefully select among those that value us and know our worth to work with. It is very crystal clear that if we run after them while they are not elected , the question is what will be our fate after they have succeeded in getting the power they are seeking for?.

“Over the years it has been a political party affair in terms of voting for candidate for any elective position but we bring to notice of the general public and most especially the candidates involved that this time around, it is going to be on credibility bases and not based on the political party one is coming from. If you underestimate the powers of the students as a candidate, your failure starts from there, we strongly rely on our numbers spread across the three constituencies in Ekeremor local government Area, Bayelsa state.

“The orientation of yesterday have changed as well as the general school of thought in electing people into positions have equally drastically changed. We will not hide under the guise of a particular party to destroy our own glorious future by voting for the wrong people who will not at the end of the day bring us the dividends of democracy to enjoy as a people. This suffering , intimidation , total neglect and brutal system of governance must be put to an end through the right use of our PVC’s.

“Realising that what is due us can only come when we have the right people to represent us, we are fully ready to vote for the right candidates. We will take the bull by the horn to participate like never before to elect our choice from the least to the highest office in the forthcoming elections.

“As unionists, we don’t believe in politics of insults, hatred, disrespect and blackmail but let the good work of everybody speak for them.” Doubra stated.


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