Ijaw Youth Council hails Jonathan at 61, says he is the most visionary, patriotic leader in Nigeria

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

Ijaw youths council (IYC) word-wide has hailed former President Goodluck Jonahan on his 61st birthday celebration and described him the most outstanding visionary and patriotic leader ever produced in the country.

In a press statement issued Tuesday morning jointly signed by the National President Barr. Oweilaemi Pereotubo and Comrade Daniel Dasimaka, spokesman, eulogized the former President as the best thing that had happened to the geographical entity called Nigeria.

Read parts of the statement below:

Happy Birthday to Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the greatest, most honourable, visionary and patriotic leader ever produced in this geographical entity code named Nigeria. Indeed you are not just an average but obviously an exceptional gentleman and Statesman that God created specially for the purpose of salvaging and emancipating our Dear Country from the shackles of poverty, extremism, high handedness and dictatorship.

The enormous sacrifices you made via your selfless and open style of leadership has been the root of the Unity & freedom of speech once enjoyed by our dear country Nigeria before your exit from Office in 2015.


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