My defamation suit against Chief Bibopri Ajube -Konstante Olopele


Greetings to the noble House.I wish to humbly apologize for bringing here the information of my defamation suit against Chief Bibopri Ajube.

I must state that I never brought the story and facts here to seek attention and any settlement out of court as some may think.To clear the air, and set the records straight, it was a person here who requested the facts openly,which subsequently precipitated by detailed briefing of the house with the facts of the case from the very beginning to date.

However, the rumour making the round is that I am being estactic and desirous of having settlement with him out of Court.I wish to state here humbly and respectively, that I am not of the stock that compromises integrity for peanuts,belittle professional status and self for money and turn halleluyah boy for contracts and recognition.

God forbid! What I know is that I am not a “fake lawyer” as was being defamatorily called by Chief Ajube,which goes to the utmost height of reducing my hard-earned professional reputation and qualification in the public-resulting in my clients debriefing me–believing vehemently in the strength of his status and the defamatory words.Of course, all may guess or feel the effects that may have had on me and my law practice!

I duly went to the Nigerian Law School,got the rigorous training and knowledge,passed the requisite Exams, duly called to the Nigerian Bar and enrolled at the Supreme Court as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria,just for somebody to have come today to call me a fake lawyer more than 15 times in a gathering of over one thousand persons at Arogbo.Anyway,all who suggested settlement out of Court,I thank you all profusely.

My position is that my case will definitely serve as a locus classicus to end the ugly and unfortunate trend of intimidation and humiliation of Lawyers in Arogbo Kingdom and beyond by Chief Bibopri Ajube and his cohorts.

For the records,4 Arogbo-Ijaw lawyers have been harassed and humiliated indiscrimininately and habitually with impunity by Ajube and the security men guarding him.I cannot but thank God that he has successfully entered defence in my case’,denying ever having any security man guarding him since he embraced amnesty in 2009.That I was the person calling the new Agadagba a “fake oba and militant oba” on the internet and that he only called to counsel me against such conducts.

By the aforesaid,all he only needs is to prove his case to the court after I have discharged the burden as the claimant.Petitions are already underway to the police and military authorities for clarification and confirmation as to the legality or otherwise of the so-called uniformed policemen and military officers around Chief Ajube on daily basis with respect to his statement of defence on Oath before the Okitipupa High Court.

Let all know my vehement stand now.Since the matter is in a Court of competent jurisdiction,I believe that justice can only be done in this matter by that Court outside Arogbo kingdom.Hence,I beg of all to stop discussing the matter till its final determination as, I am being “stubbornly”known for,no local or customary arbitration could be allowed to settle a case like this that involves me directly.

I only thank all,who reached me on phone over the matter. May God bless you all in Jesus’ Name.

Please,do have my professional regards!

Konstante Olopele Esq., Akure,Ondo State.


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