SHOCKING!! 43-year-old teacher rapes 12-year-old student in Gombe

Chief Magistrates’ Court sitting in Tumfure area of Gombe State on Thursday, ordered that a 43-year old teacher, Yusuf Abubakar accused of raping a 12-year-old pupil be remanded in prison custody, pending legal advice.

Earlier, Danjuma had told the court that the accused, a resident of Dawaki quarters, Gombe, allegedly committed the offence on Nov. 8 at about 11:30am.

Danjuma alleged that the accused picked up the 12-year-old from the Karangada Primary School, Gombe, to a shop beside the school where he raped her.

The prosecutor said the offence contravened the provisions of Section 282 of the penal code law.Chief Magistrate, Japhet Maida, in ruling granted the request made by the prosecutor, Insp Habibu Danjuma for the accused to be remanded in prison, pending legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).
Maida, then adjourned the case until Dec. 20.


GREAT CONFESSION!! “I Regret Voting For The Man Who Promised To Reduce Fuel Pump Price, But Increased It”

~ *I regret voting for the man ho promised to reduce fuel pump price but increased it.*

~*I regret voting for a man who promised not to pay fuel subsidy but paid the most*

~*I regret voting for a man who promised to convert presidential fleet to national carrier but later fleeced Nigeria in the name of a new national carrier*

~ *I regret voting for the man who promised to provide 3 million Jobs annually but instead destroyed 12 million Jobs in 3 years according to the NBS.*

~ *I regret voting for the man who promised to scrap first lady office but appointed 11 aides for the First Lady*

~ *I regret voting for the man who promised Nigeria economic prosperity but made Nigeria the poverty capital of the world.*

~ *I regret voting for the man who promised to fight corruption but reinstated and promoted the sacked pension fund thief; Abdurrasheed Maina.*

~ *I regret voting for the man who won his election on ‘integrity’ slate but harbours a certificate forger, grass cutter, and more in his cabinet*.

~ *I regret voting for the man who thinks foreign rice is not good for Nigerians but foreign hospitals are good for him.*

~ *I regret voting for the man who can’t provides his credentials.*

ASUU: Ngige’s Medical Trip Discontinues ASUU – FG Meeting

Dr. Chris Ngig

The permission by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige to travel abroad for medical treatment may have stalled the negotiation between the Academic Staff Union of Universities and the Federal Government today.

It was gathered the rescheduled meeting between the union and federal government for today may not hold due to the permission sought by the convener and Labour Minister, Dr Chris Ngige who reportedly told the meeting of his scheduled medical trip abroad.

Meanwhile, President, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Biodun Ogunyemi has stated that no issue contained in the union’s demands has been resolved.

He urged members to disregard the usual propaganda that the strike is politically motivated.

This position was contained in the Strike Bulletin 3 issued and signed by ASUU president.

Ogunyemi therefore asked members of the union to remain resolute with the strike.

While a New Date will be revealed later, MainNews predict that the Next Negotiation may be scheduled to Next week.

We are taking the campaigns to all Nooks and Crannies within Delta State Says RtHon Joseph Asiaye Alubeze

RtHon Joseph Asiaye Alubeze

The Leader of Burutu Legislative Arm, Hon Joseph Alubeze has declared his preparedness to deliver at all levels for all the candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and most especially the Smart Governor of Delta state; His Excellency Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.

He made this disclosure to Press Men at the close of the stakeholders meeting held at Burutu town, Burutu L.G.A Headquarters.

Hon Alubeze who also doubles as Treasurer Delta Councillors Forum, and Burutu Local Government Coordinator, Delta Councillors Coalition for Okowas Reelection (DECCOR), harped on the need for Burutu people who have in all occasion declared their support for the PDP and the Smart Governor of Delta state, to Come out enmass to cast and protect their Vote for their beloved governor and the PDP.

The Leader also mentioned that the Smart Governor of Delta state has won the hearts of Burutu people for PDP and all her candidates.
Hence, the 2019 general election campaigns for the PDP in Burutu local Government area is going to be the easiest Campaigns in the History of Burutu Politics.

The Distinguished Leader, who is a darling of his constituents in Burutu Ward 8, Thanked the Smart Governor for his focus in delivering the dividends of democracy to all of Burutu and Delta state.

He also took his time to thank Burutu People for being responsive and appreciative to the developmental strides of the Dr Okowa led Delta state Government and the PDP.

Stating that a Vote for the PDP at all levels is a vote for Consolidation, Liberation and Human Capital Development.

Read: Why you should not waste time discussing national issues with some certain Nigerians

1. They are the ones that said Buhari died in Aso rock, and later in UK. Then they said the Buhari that returned to Nigeria is a clone (duplicate) and recently they said it is Buhari body double. Do you still take cognizance of what comes out of these peoples mouth?

2. They were the ones who said 8 years was not enough for OBJ, and 6 not enough for GEJ, etc. Now, they don’t want 8 years of Buhari because of personal hatred

3. When you remind them of how corruption in last government has ruined the nation….they ask you to stop talking about the past

4. When you say Buhari is a man of integrity and he his fighting corruption, they say his son has a power bike

5. When Evans the kidnapper say something against Buhari, he becomes an hero. When you say their heroes and spokespersons lack integrity (IBB, OBJ, Fayose, FFK, Saraki, GEJ, etc), they will say “…look at the message not the messenger…”

6. They are not interested in any development in Nigeria, if it means ascribing any success to PMB.

7. Every good news of the nation brings them sadness, and they remain quiet until another bad news crops up

8. If you tell them Buhari is building over 300 roads all over Nigeria, they say it is because of 2019

9. Tell them Buhari is developing the rail system all over Nigeria, they say it is not his initiative, that Obasanjo and GEJ had plans to do it

10. Inform them about the agricultural revolution, how Nigeria now produces its local food and has become a foremost world exporter of food, they say it is Obasanjo that started Operation Feed the Nation in the 1970s

11. When you say Buhari is working to completing abandoned projects, over 8000 nationwide (Mambila hydro power, Ajaokuta Steel Plant etc), they say it is because he has no program of his own

12. Refute their allegations that Buhari is tribalistic with how his ministerial cabinets now (and as military head of state) had more Christians than Muslims, and how powerful ministries were being run by southerners, they hold their breath and in the next statement still repeat the same allegation

13. They say Buhari is vindictive, but no state or region has been denied their share of development projects irrespective of whether they support PMB government or not (compared with Obasanjo that withheld Lagos State allocation for many years and Jonathan that cut Osun State allocation for 4 years to punish Aregbesola for making sure Jonathan lost the 2011 election in Osun State even though he won in other Yoruba states). He has taken N13b water project to Otuoke in GEJs village Bayelsa, N22b road to Atiku’s village in Adamawa, reconstruction of Lagos Abeokuta expressway to OBJ’s Ogun State, the 2nd Niger Bridge, etc to the east, the massive investment and redevelopment of the Niger-Delta, etc are part of the proof of PMBs fairness to all

14. When the clampdown on corruption started, they said only southerners are being harassed, when Dasuki etc were arrested they say it is only PDP; when Saraki was taken to court they say it is because he is in opposition; when former governors and APC members were jailed (Dariye and Nyame ), they say it was PDP that started the probe. So, you see that discussing with them is a waste of time

15. When EFCC is investigating the massive investments and dollars accounts of Mrs Patience Jonathan, Alison Maduekwe, etc, they say it is political harassment and you should bring proof of corruption. But when they bring scandalously stupid allegations like Buhari has bought the national stadium, etc and you ask for proof, they say you are a fanatic

16. Tell them how the threats of IPOB, Niger Delta militants, etc were curtailed, they say it is a clampdown on Igbos and southerners; remind them of how the menace of El Zakzaki and his Shiites group of the north have been curbed, they say it is coercion

17. Remind them how the dreaded Boko Haram has been chased away from the northeast states that they used to control in the north and how normalcy is returning to those parts of the country, they will still refer to the occasional suicide bombings as proof that nothing is achieved

18. Tell them how it has been impossible for even USA etc to totally stop suicide bombings, they retort “…Are you now comparing Nigeria with USA” (Of course not, USA does not have a particular group of people that does not want to see anything good in northern Nigerians as citizens)

19. Tell them how herdsmen killings preceded PMB, and how many non-Fulani herdsmen have been arrested by the army for killings, including a personal aide to Governor Ortom, and how since such arrests, the killings have subsided, they still in the next statement refer to Buhari as promoting herdsmen killers

20. Tell them about the resuscitation of the Mambila Power Project, the Ajaokuta Steel Project, etc, they say it is a lie

21. Show them videos and pictures of ongoing development nationwide, they say its photo and video shop

22. Tell them how Buhari stopped the billion-dollar fertiliser scam and how in its place 11 local fertiliser companies were revived resulting in Nigeria producing for its local needs, they say “…how does that translate to food for the common man?…”

23. When Buhari agreed to pay N88billion compensation to Biafrans victims, granted autonomy to state judiciary, supports local government autonomy, recognised MKO and June 12, they say it is politics. (And like the daughter of our hero of democracy said, “…if Buhari does not play politics, should he play chemistry?…”

24. To them, the National Assembly members used to be all APC rogues, but now without doing any good thing but because they now oppose PMB, they have become their heroes, from the clown Dino, to the Michael Jackson of Osun, the stupendously corrupt and wealthy Saraki, Mark, Dogara, etc

25. Buhari has refused like previous governments to bribe legislators to do their duties, and since their dirty strategies is no longer working, they have become a stumbling block to progress. The wailers will say if it was OBJ, he would have dealt with them but if Buhari had used any other means, they will say he is undemocratic

26. When you show some of them the unparalleled efforts of this government in development compared to all the past governments, then you will hear “…Well, he has tried but I still don’t like him, he is too old, he is slow, he is unintelligent, he is not outspoken etc…”

*These are the reasons why nothing tangible will be achieved if you engage them in any developmental discussion*, because of their innate hatred of anybody from northern Nigeria.

Avoid discussion of national issues with them. Instead, discuss things like Big Brother Nigeria, Russia World Cup, Dangote’s daughter’s wedding, and Papa Ajasco, etc with them