Ijaw right protection group in Delta State, Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, (IPDI), yesterday expressed displeasure over claims made by the Delta State Commissioner of Urban Renewal, Hon Julius Takeme, published in the National dailies.

The spokes person of the group, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel in a statement made available to Main News said, “Our attention has been drawn to a purported and unguided statement made by Hon Julius Takeme, the current commissioner for Urban Renewal Delta State which was published in the national dailies and that Delta Ijaws have benefited much from the current Okowa led state government, arguing that Okowa has spread his projects across all Ijaw Kingdoms in Delta state”

“It is not our style to respond to issues that lacks iota of truth, however, we deem it fit to respond so as to guide the gullible public as to set the records straight”

“Governor Okowa has only few projects in Ijaw Communities in the state, namely Ayakoromo bridge (Ngbile kingdom ), awarded by his predecessor,(ongoing) ,Obotebe Kingdom, where the Hon. Julius Takeme hail from, no Okowa project has been sited, Ogbolubiri Kingdom,Nil, Burutu road (Eduwin Kingdom ), Ogulagha and Sokobulou roads in Ogulagha kingdom, Isembiri Kingdom Nil, Akugbene Mein Kingdom Nil, Oporomo Kingdom,Nil, Tuomo Kingdom, Tuomo /Torogbene roads, no contractor has been mobilize to site. Isaba Kingdom Nil, OgboIjoh Kingdom, Nil. Gbaramatu kingdom, Okerenkoko road, Egbema Kingdom Nil, Kabor Kingdom Nil, Kumbor Kingdom Nil, Diebiri Nil etc”

“This shows that the Commissioner for Urban renewal lied and not all Ijaw kingdoms in Delta state have benefited from Okowa’s administration”

“It is disgusting as Takeme who ought to uphold public truth and show integrity has condescend so low to create wrong impressions in public places. Such a person lacks the impetus to speak or tell Governor Okowa the truth”.

The group further noted that under Julius Takeme’s watch as an appointee who is from Burutu LGA as a commissioner, Ijaws in Delta State were excluded from 70 road projects shared in the state recently. We expected him to be remorse over such betrayal as it shows his ineffectiveness as member of the state executive council.

IPDI further added that it was distasteful that despite the appointment of Julius Takeme as a commissioner, Ijaws in the state cannot boast of relieve from the oppressive aged long marginalisation.

“It is no longer a news that Delta state is sustained with oil revenue from Ijaws of Burutu, Gbaramatu, Egbema Kingdoms. Ijaw gave Okowa the highest support in his 2015 elections”.

“Ijaws are suffering under Okowa’s administration, we are being relegated and given selective treatments despite our enormous supports. Ijaws deserves the best treatment from Okowa, we expected all Ijaw communities to have recorded tangible project but the revise is the case”.

IPDI demanded that Takeme should withdraw his unguided public statement and render unreservered apology to Delta Ijaws for misleading the public with lies.

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