2019 Polls: Burutu Youths Speaks,Throw Weight Behind Ozobo Candidacy

It appears that 2019,Delta state house of Assembly Burutu North elections will not be a game as usual as Burutu youths have decided to vote against recycled candidates of the big political parties in the LGA.

The youths who speak through Comrade Paul Akpowaide and others said this,when they paid a courtesy call on Comrade Ozobo Austin, the NPC DTHA candidate,Burutu North at Oasis,Warri,Delta state during the weekend.

The youths who throw their weight behind Comrade Ozobo Austin candidacy told our correspondent that they would not vote for a candidate that has contributed to the underdevelopment of Burutu north over the years and that their visit was to affirmed their strong support for Ozobo candidacy.

The youths lamented that over the years they have been used and dumped by some sets of political leaders who are metamorphosing again with goat faces to deceived Burutu people.

They said those who have wasted several opportunities of Burutu people which would have turned Burutu to a Dubai should not be considered for any appointive or elective positions any more.

They added that some people have turned Burutu to their personal property and failed to considered the youths for empowerment and other political benefits and that they would only vote youthful ,vibrant and credible candidate that has Burutu people at heart.

While responding to the assertions of the youths, Comrade Ozobo Austin assured Burutu youths that Burutu would experienced rapid development under his watch.

Ozobo said both women and youths would be empowered and that Burutu youths would not regret in voting him to power.

The NPC candidate urged Burutu youths to vote and defence their votes and ensure that their vote counts.

He said Burutu youths should prepared against money temptations, and that some unsaleable candidates are ready to buy their votes with stolen public funds and thereafter would dump and treat them as condemned engine oil.

Ozobo advised that even they want to accept the money,they should accept it wisely and vote against such candidates as the money was part of the stolen Burutu people money,Comrade Ozobo stated.


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