Hon.(Deacon) Belemote Alfred Watson, the member representing Brass Constituency II in the Bayelsa state House Of Assembly, says there is no cause for alarm over crisis that occurred in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, of Brass ward 4 and the local government area during the Get-together party at Okpoama on Friday the 4th January, 2019.

The lawmaker told newsmen that all was being done to reconcile aggrieved party members. He noted that contrary to the believe that the crisis would affect the party’s popularity in the ward(Okpoama) and Brass LGA entirely, PDP was still the People’s favourite.

Hon. Alfred said himself and other stakeholders in the Constituency were already reconciling warring factions.

Party crisis is not restricted to the People’s Democratic Party, that PDP is the beautiful bride and many people in the ward and Constituency wanted to identify with it, and the party is highly marketable and people of the ward and Constituency have confidence in it. He added

The lawmaker noted that, “it is an in-house fight and it will be settled.
“We are very hopeful that it will not get out of hand because the most turbulent period has passed”

The honourable member also commends the Okpoama Kingdom Peace and Security and Action committee, the Okpoama Kingdom Youth Movement interim executive led by *Comrade Dayakuma Akono* and the security men for their Swift action and intervention.


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