By Demebide Oyabrade

Youth from Ijaw ethnic nationality of Delta under the umbrella of a political pressure group, Niger Delta Political Watch, NDPW have alleged that Delta State government is being destructively mismanaged like a family affair where all the state resources and income are hijacked and circulated among the state political godfathers and their political children vis-à-vis the Delta political cabals.

The leader of NDPW, Comrade Bonty Arede said “The grand master, almighty political godfather to any Deltan who seeks political powers, Chief Government Ekpemukpolo alias Tompolo, has succeed in pocketing Delta state government under his control. He decide who gets any position in the state, hence his errands boys continue to make money from shady oil deals bunkering while they partner with army to destroy local refinery belonging to those struggle to feed Tompolo also hijack government contracts, Water ways contracts from the top to his family members. His cronies now poses every financial power to intimate, oppress and become rich by making others poor. similar scenario played out during the recruitment at the Maritime university where he (Tompolo) hijacked all the employment slots for his Gbaramatu families members and loyalist.”,

“Tompolo and allies install governor Okowa and the Deputy governor Kingsley Otuaro and the Mugabe of Delta South, James Manger, arrogantly pompous, ignorantly teleguided Julius Pondi, the ever stealing Ijaw ethnic commissioner in DESOPADEC Izuokumor Favour and other Strategic commissioners in the Delta State. Wickedly spreading poverty starvation in Delta State”

“The “Mugabe” of Delta South senatorial district, has nothing to show for his representation for the past 16 years. Our boys from Ogbe-ijoh Warri Kingdom in Delta South senatorial district have banned the senator representing the district in the National Assembly, James Manager, from entering Warri South-West Local Government Area for his senatorial campaign even though he has Tompolo’s approval we don’t care with these wicked political beasts, Delta State remains in darkness, hunger, business collapse poverty and retrogression”

“James Manager, the oracle of failure, senator who could nor give a cup of rice to hungry Ijaw people during Christian, the Senator without constituency office, no constituency projects only looting, looting and looting to buy hotels, the multi billion naira KFT event center in Warri Delta State, Okuemi Hotels, and uncountable landed properties in Abuja, Asaba, Lagos and Warri. For the many years he has supposedly represented the Delta South, despite serving as the chairman of Senate Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, for eight years he remains the most stingy failed Mugabelike politcian who could not impact on his people except his family members and his concubines a worst infidel in human history”.

James Manager could spread poverty as a gift for Ijaw people, Isoko and Itsekir’s because he have Tompolo’s backing and approval due to his Gbaramatu Ekomieyefa son’s in-law and tompolo’s ties. Indeed sorry for self enslaved Ijaws who continue to hail Okowa for paying Tompolo with the future of Delta State, all the political cabals are paying Tompolo to make every body poor”.

“The Chris Embassy Gbaramatu, Tompolo produced deputy governor, whose job position is to monitor Tompolo’s investment under Okowa has continue to spread dividend of poverty to his Ijaw people, they have commenced a bomber harvest of slaves, Ijaw slaves by appointing even deformed, blind, lame, deft and integrity deficient people as SA,SSA to governor Okowa, as an alternative to the development of Ijaw communities, he stole from DESOPADEC to empower his families and state government to empower his Christ embassy members, today he is the grand theft and Izuokumor Favour is the assistant Chief thief who use his office to give contracts to all Otuaro’s companies, for the records the Ogbe-Ijoh Stadium project money was stolen by Otuaro without human face”.

“Ijaws are doomed under these political beasts that dominates people in poverty using PDP. Ijaw have no political leader of integrity in delta State. Governor Okowa is also collecting and stock pilling money from all local government chairmen if it is a lie ask the Burutu local government chairman the chronic womanizer Godknow Angele, who serves as Okowa’s revenue collector, gathering Burutu allocation for Okowa, and lavishing the balance on women with big breast and yanch”. Indeed ijaw politicians in the animals kingdom.

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