JUST IN!!! Buhari Denies Role in CJN, Onnonghen’s Saga – Main News

To him, Allah is my Witness, I am Not Aware that Chief Justice, Onnonghen Is to be Arraigned at the Code Of Conduct Tribunal (CCT). – President Buhari.

Nigeria is ruled by PROXY in the last 38 Months and yet the same EVIL and WICKED Nigerians that brought this accidental President, want him for another 4 Years.

Aisha Buhari confirmed that her husband is not in charge.
Amaechi has said the obvious.
Tinubu in his fashion re-echoed the same,
Northern Elders have warned Nigerians about a CABAL in the Villa is calling the shot.
APC members have mourned about the few guys in Aso Rock ruling Nigeria.

Buhari has said it many times that He is NOT IN CHARGE of what is happening in Aso Rock. “I am NOT Aware”.

Buhari is Naturally Dishonest, Corrupt and has NEVER taken practically taken responsibility for his failing, Google back from the time he was a Military Administrator.

Buhari is personally responsible for the plan to Frame the Nigerian Highest Judge and attacks on the Judiciary in the last Three and half years. He has Messed up our Military, Police, ParaMilitary, Civil Service, the Executive, Legislators, Judiciary (Lower and Appeal Court). The Supreme Court is Buhari’s last battleground, as he is certain that in a One-Man-One-Vote today in Nigeria, Buhari will not secure 38% of the Votes.


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