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Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has ordered the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hakeem Odumosun to rescue Mr. Micheal Ohio- Ezomon, who was kidnapped by gunmen on Thursday morning.

Ohio-Ezomo is the APC candidate for Owan West Constituency at the Edo State House of Assembly.

A statement issued by Special Adviser to Governor Obaseki on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, said a rescue operation commenced immediately the incident was brought to the attention of security agencies in the state.

Osagie said Governor Obaseki frowned at the kidnapping especially during the campaign season.

He said Governor Obaseki cautioned political actors not to heat up the polity, but maintain a peaceful atmosphere as the elections draw closer.

He said the governor has ensured that the police get all the necessary support to track down the kidnappers and fast track the safe rescue of the victim.


JUST IN!!! Adebutu is Our Gubernatorial Candidate in Ogun, PDP Warns INEC

Ladi Adebutu

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from recognising any other person as its candidate, expect Mr Ladi Adebutu in the governorship election in Ogun State.

The party said failure of the chairman of the commission, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu to comply with an Appeal Court ruling of December 18, 2018 that declared Adebutu as the authentic candidate would translate to mean that INEC had been compromised.

The party gave this warning through the National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan during a media briefing in Abuja.

He said, “The PDP charges the INEC chairman to note that since the ruling of the Court of Appeal validating Adebutu as the PDP governorship candidate in Ogun State, no other court, not even the Supreme Court, has nullified that extant ruling.

Akala’s funeral: Adidi Ayamabulou, chiefs, Angele, political leaders in Burutu

As the remains of Chief Lucky Preboye, the Darekoro 1 of Iduwini Kingdom, Delta State was laid to rest at Ofougbene, his younger brother, Hon. Adidi Preboye has on behalf of the family appreciated all those that contributed their quota for the burial of the late chief.

Chief Lucky Preboye, aged 51 was better known as Akala owing to his free lifestyle to almost all that came in contact with him.

His painful death occurred on the 24th of December 2018 while his remains where taken to Ofougbene for burial on Friday the 18th of January 2019 amidst sorrow, tears and wailing among family members, friends and well wishers who were heavily present to pay their last respect to the late chief.

However, Adidi had particularly appreciated the paramount ruler of Iduwini Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, His Royal Majesty, Bosu Dio, JP, Ayamabolou 1 and the entire council of chiefs in Iduwini who came in their numbers to witnessed the funeral of their late colleague.

Meanwhile, Hon. Preboye had stated that he is surprised by the support given to him by some political leaders across Burutu Local Government while on the process of laying his elder brother to rest.

While appreciating Hon. Godknows Angele, chairman of Burutu Local Government Area, Delta State, he had described him as a wonderful man, stressing that he was fully on ground for the family throughout their trying moment.

Preboye had also appreciated other political leaders across the local government and beyond who contributed in one way or the other for the burial of Akala.



By Sharon Faliya Cham

1. For the 1999 presidential election, General Olusegun Obasanjo of the PDP refused to debate with Chief Olu Falae of the APP/AD coalition – Obasanjo won the election!

2. For the 2003 presidential election, President Olusegun Obasanjo of the PDP refused to debate with General Muhammadu Buhari of the ANPP – Obasanjo won the election!

3. For the 2007 presidential election, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua of the PDP refused to debate with General Muhammadu Buhari of the ANPP – Yar’Adua won the election!

4. For the 2011 presidential election, President Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Azikiwe Jonathan of the PDP refused to debate with General Muhammadu Buhari of the CPC – Goodluck Jonathan won the election!

5. For the 2015 presidential election, General Muhammadu Buhari of the APC refused to debate with President Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Azikiwe Jonathan of the PDP after it emerged that the organizers of the debate have carefully leaked all the debate questions to President Jonathan – General Buhari won the election!

So, with the current madness of the PDP and their poorly educated minions shouting about a debate, and even posting on their unedifying social media pages that Buhari MUST debate or resign, one is compelled to ask that at what time or at what point in our country’s political history did the PDP start loving debates? Or are they merely exhibiting their common attributes of short memories and outright moronism?

By the way, what is even a debate? The fact that the PDP left 27 states broke to the point that they owed workers’ salaries for upwards of 14 months despite selling crude oil at $142 per barrel and Buhari came and bailed them out with oil selling at $27 per barrel has made the PDP lose whatever debate they want!

How about the pensions and gratuities of workers of the Nigerian Airways, Nigerian Railways Corporation, NITEL, M-TEL, NEPA and other public outfits which the PDP killed and refused to pay during their 16 years of ruinous rule but which Buhari is now settling in spite of not earning even half of what PDP earned in revenues? Hasn’t this won the debate and election for President Buhari already? In all honesty, can the PDP have answers for such questions in any debate?

And can the PDP even answer debate questions on why it took the coming of Buhari as President for the roads they neglected to begin to be rebuilt? If the debate moderator asks Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to say something to President Buhari on the road Buhari is building to Jada, Atiku’s village, what will he say? Will he thank Buhari or will he say ”the PDP initiated the road and forgot to implement it”? And can Atiku Abubakar explain in any debate what the PDP did with the $16 billion they purportedly spent on giving Nigerians electricity between 1999 and 2007 alone but which only megawatts of darkness was given to Nigerians?

In just 3 years out of PDP’s 16 years ruinous rule, the PDP under the presidency of Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Azikiwe Jonathan purportedly spent about 700 billion naira on their so called SURE-P Programme, which is almost the annual budgets of about 10 states in Nigeria, but no one has seen the fruit or results of this monumental ”investment” in our economy – no industries were built by any of ”the beneficiaries” and neither has it translated into the diversification of the country’s economy through agriculture and other production sectors, just as it has not resulted in the revamping of the textile factories and other industries that were alive and productive when the PDP took over from the military. In the end, PDP’s unexplained use of such humongous sums of our country’s finances over time resulted in Nigeria now becoming the poverty capital of the world!

How can anyone or any country spend such humongous sums on social investment, and yet the country ends up being the world’s poverty capital? Where are the beneficiaries and who are they? What did they do with with such large sums that they received from the federal government? Even if they drank beer or smoked weed with the monies, shouldn’t it have still boosted the country’s economy? Now, can the PDP or Alhaji Atiku Abubakar answer such queries at any debate?

Very poignantly, just today, the day of the so called presidential debate, President Buhari commissioned a water port at Baro, Niger State, which is the first of its kind in northern Nigeria, a successful programme that will ease the movement of heavy industrial goods and equipment to the northern part of the country through ships, which then boosts the local economy of the north and hence that of Nigeria in general. Why did the PDP fail to do this noble project throughout their 16 years of ruinous rule? Equally important is, while the PDP is polluting Nigeria’s healthy airspace with hypocritical noises about a debate, work on the Second Niger Bridge in Southeastern Nigeria is in full progress under the leadership of President Buhari. Wasn’t this the very same project that the PDP converted to a mere campaign promise for the Igbo?

So many questions over the 16 wasted years of the PDP at any debate but serious Nigerians are more focused on fixing and clearing the pungent rot they created and left behind than wasting more precious time in debating a horde of thieves and gangsters on live TV!

President Buhari’s superlative performance in just three years has defeated PDP’s 16 years absence at debates and their grossly poor performance for Nigerians!

APC Presidential candidate is a ghost, as Pastor Giwa Explode

APC Presidential candidate is a ghost as Pastor Giwa Explode.

A senior Pastor of the Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Gospel Church has declared that the All Progressives Congress, APC, does not have a presidential candidate.

Giwa, in a statement to Aljaziralreporters on Wednesday, claimed that “the person being paraded by the APC as presidential candidate is a ghost”.

He urged National Leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu and other party leaders to confess to Nigerians rather than deceiving them.

“Those stage-managing Buhari are not wishing the country well, just because they want to be holding on to power. I have said it that President Buhari has stopped functioning well since he returned from the United Kingdom medical vacation last year.

“One can quickly judge president Buhari by his actions, and that tells you that all is not well. How can a presidential candidate of a particular party handing over the flag to a presidential candidate of the same party. Things are currently falling apart and the centre can no longer hold.

“Alhaji Tinubu and others are stage-managing president Buhari because of their selfish interest. They have talked to the wife of the president to cooporate with them.

“Politicians enjoy power a lot, and that has changed the mind of Mrs. Aisha Buhari. Do know that lies don’t last forever.

“Buhari you are seeing now is not the person we used to know. The president has lost his grip on reality and that suggests that there are dangerous times ahead.

“Why are these politicians behaving this way? Why are they playing with people’s lives and future?.

“The truth is lost in Nigeria; you cannot have true liberty without true righteousness. What’s true for individuals is true for a nation, because a nation is composed of individuals.

“When we lose character and righteousness, then we will lose liberty. It is high time people started reviving Nigeria by voting for the right candidates.”

The cleric, however, urged Nigerians to open their eyes and ignore selfish, wicked and treacherous politicians as the country prepares for the 2019 general elections.