Federal Government Of Nigeria Allegedly Shutdown Internet During 2019 General Elections

Main News corespondents learnt that, the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) has denied affirmed intend to close down internet access amid the up coming general elections.

ONSA talked in reaction to Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers, who blamed the Federal Government for intending to utilize the “close down” to rig elections.

Wike said the FG, through ONSA had coordinated the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to work with internet service providers to close down internet access the nation amid the exercise. Be that as it may, an announcement by the Spokesman to the National Security Adviser (NSA), Mr Danjuma Reuben, on Friday in Abuja to NAN prompted the general public to neglect the charge.

“This Office, wishes to state that the internet and associated communications infrastructure are major components of the Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII), which ONSA is mandated to ensure its security,” he said.
He said that ONSA in a joint effort with pertinent Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government (MDA), had been endeavoring endeavors to ensure and enhance service conveyance to Nigerians. He clarified that each and every national security agency in the nation relied upon a similar internet to work.
” Therefore “shutting down” the internet is akin to shutting down national development and security,” he said.
He said ONSA stayed focused on ensuring the privileges of the public to get to Information and Communication Technology offices.
“The Office also remains non-partisan and committed to ensuring that Nigerians freely exercise their civic rights,” he said