Harassment of an Ijaw King: Gbaranmatu kingdom deserves Apology from the Military | Main News

President Buhari should call the military to order.

The attention of the Order of Egbesu Brotherhood has been drawn to the unwarranted harassment and unprovoked militarisation of the Ijaw Ancestral home, the Gbaranmatu kingdom and it’s King, in Delta state.

Despite earlier rebuttals by the military that there was no such action being carried out in the said kingdom, we have continued to receive distress calls, and cries, from our people, who are now in panic for fear of another military invasion in the said community, a situation that has heightened tension.

We have it on good authority that few days back, the Agadagba (King/High Priest) of Gbaranmatu kingdom, who was on a convoy, was greeted with the treatment of harassment, as men of the military in the area disregarded his Traditonal title and desecrated his stool, in the guise of searching for criminals, precisely, the number on one of the gunboats was seen as P376.

We wish to state clearly for the purpose of information, the King by his title of AGADAGBA, is both the Spiritual and Political leader of Ijaws, he is the representative of the Divine force, a manifestation of the Supreme divine presence, he represents every good virtues one can think of, he is peace and truth personified, even in the face of war, he advocates for harmony, love, unity, therefore such a man cannot be associated with criminality, as it negates every of the principles he stands for.

It is therefore appalling and disheartening to hear, that such a man with an outstanding peaceful disposition, would be subjected to ill treatment in a kingdom he presides over, ordinarily, if we were in the 2nd and 3rd century, this will be considered as a declaration of war, not minding whosoever authority might have perpetrated or ordered the action.

It is on this note, that we seek peaceful approach towards restoring peace especially as we head into the 2019 general elections, we advise the Military who we believe are now informed of the status of our dear King, to tender an unreserved apology, and work in paripasu with him, to finding a lasting solution to the agitations in the region.

We call on President Muhammadu Buhari, to once again demonstrate his quest for peace in our region, to wade in, ask the military to withdraw and engage critical stakeholders from this area, to a round table discourse, as certain actions at the moment maybe interpreted differently, and may lead to a possible break down of law and order.

We also call for the withdrawal of troops, as we think there is no need for the siege, Gbaranmatu kingdom is a peaceful place with laid down rules and regulations that regulates the conducts of indigenes and curb crimes.

We also advise other Ijaws, who are shadow parties of the rising tension to remember that “Inama Inama”, “there is no place like home”, therefore resolve all issues as a family, election is not do or die, political parties are only vehicles to desired destinations, we will continue to remain Ijaws.

We further advise those, who are in the habit of utilising such conflict to fuel tension, and cause acrimony amongst IJAW people, simply because of their pecuniary gains, to desist forthwith, this is a time to look at a common ground of unity irrespective of our varying opinions and interests.

Lastly, we encourage our King and our Father, to be steadfast in the Ijaw faith, as we appeal to all sister kingdoms to add their voices.

Woyein bless Ijaw Nation.

February, 2nd, 2019.

Apostle Bodmas kemepadei, Coordinator/Leader, Order of Egbesu Brotherhood and convener Ijaw unity and peace committee.