Presidential Amnesty,Ex-Militant Leaders Gives Charles Dokubo 7 Days Ultimatum To Deploy All Students In The Education List

By Francis Tayor, Yenagoa

What it termed as irregularity and display of fraud ongoing in the Federal Government Presidential Amnesty Office,Ex-Niger-Delta Militant Leaders under the aegis of ‘ New Phase Of Idiot Family and the Trick Force Of Bakassi ‘ has given the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme,Prof.Charles Quaker Dokubo seven days ultimatum to deploy all students in the list of the Amnesty Education Programme to their various study centres (universities) across the country or ready to vacate the office.

The group in a communique issued yesterday at Yenagoa signed by its leader Gen. Alaowei Baifieyegha Charles,said Prof.Charles Dokubo should immediately pay all outstanding bills owing students as well as deploy all the students in the education list for peace to reign in the Niger-Delta.

Speaking to *NDM News Xclusive* shortly after the meeting,the group said,” We want to call on our Niger- Delta leaders in the Amnesty Programme from 1st phase to 3rd phase,PANDEF leader Chief Dr.E.K.Clark,IYC President Barr.Oweilaemi Pereotubo as a matter of urgency to intervene at what is going on in the Presidential Amnesty Office.

The Leaders should order Prof.Charles Dukubo to deploy all the students in the education list of the Amnesty program to all the various universities across the country.We give Dokubo one week ultimatum to do so because it is our right and money.It is better for Dokubo to do good to us in order to bear good name rather than to leave office with bad name.

Speaking further,the group tell Dokubo that since the inception of the Amnesty Programme under the leadership of Timi Alaibe, Kingsley Kuku and Paul Boro, there was no deployment of students by Batch.Therefore, Dokubo should better deploy all the students now and stop waisting our resources to be traveling around with four or more women as your sex mates or whatever you call it.”

” The group reiterated that since Prof Charles is not satisfied with the peace in the Niger-Delta,he should get ready for war and disturbances.By tomorrow we will write an Open letter to the President and the House of Senate in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that any problem that happened from now till the election in the waters and land in the Niger- Delta is caused by the attitude of prof Charles Dukubo.why we say you are the cause of the problem is because of how you paid students recently.

You paid some students ahead March while you are owing some schools four months and so on.For peace to reign in the Niger-Delta,we urged Dokubo to pay all outstanding bills and deploy all the students in the education list.Charles Dokubo should know that he is there because of us, therefore,he should do what we say,the group asserted. “

However,the group call on Federal Government to hold Charles Dokubo responsible for any problem in the Niger-Delta,saying he is playing politics with the lives of Ex-Niger-Delta agitators in the Amnesty Office.


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