PJay West, React As Selfish Pharmacists Implements “No Cutting Sales Drugs” In Arogbo Kingdom

By Clement Eninidi, Arogbo

The Nigerian popular hip-hop singer, rapper and songwriter, also president of Ondo State One Voice Youth (OSOVY), Nigbeke Perekontei Justice West, popularly known as PJay West in stage name, reacted where some selfish pharmacists implement that “there is no selling of cutting drugs in Arogbo kingdom, Ese-Odo local government area of Ondo state,Nigeria”.

Main News, corespondent earlier learnt on Wednesday 6th January 2019 that the president of OSOVY a non govermental organization (NGO) Nigbeke Perekontei (PJay West) was bitterly react as he heared the issure of disbandment of cutting drugs in Arogbo kingdom, and call it as an illegal act and over ridding of the Nigerian Drug law Agency (NDLA) as their own.

Mr. Perekontei, disclossed this to newsmen in Ijaw National High School, Arogbo where he was addressing the members of OSOVY for the fourthcoming general election.

In a statement made by the president, call the implementation of the law as there own selfice interest, barbaric idea, and exploiting the Arogbo’s founds all in the name of the law that made by them as a means of selling cost drugs to the kingdom.

He furether added that ” if my profession is a pharmacist, i could not use it to oppress my own Arogbo’s”.


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