Details of Arogbo Youths Peaceful Protest, ”As No Cut Sell of drugs was allegedly implemented by some selfish Pharmacists In The Kingdom

The Details of Arogbo Youth Protest, and the allegation of some selfish Pharmacists in the Kingdom, who was implemented an order to stop cutting of sell drugs in the Ancient City of Arogbo through His Imperial Majesty, Pere (Barr) Doubra Zaccheaus Egbunu, the Agadagba of Arogbo Ijaw-Ibe Kingdom.

This was earlier reported to Main News that, on wednesday 26th Febuary 2019, Arogbo city was crowded when the youth of Arogbo protests against the new implementing order to stop cuttings of sell drugs in Arogbo kingdom by the interest of some selfish pharmacists in the kingdom.

The youth commenced the peaceful protest, Sing songs of solidarity around the city dawn to the palace of His Imperial Majesty Pere (Barr) Doubra Zaccheaus Egbunu, The Opukutu III, Agadagba of Arogbo Ijaw-Ibe kingdom in Ese-Odo local governnent area of Ondo state,Nigeria. and reported the isue about the implemented order that stopped the cutting of drugs in the kingdom.

On the protest, Opukutu III addressing the youth outside of his palace and breefing the issue clearly to the youths to understand the inner secreet between the two controversal groups that selling drugs in Arogbo kingdom that lead the disbandment of sellings of cut drugs in the kingdom.

According to him “the issue was reported by affected group of pharmacists that they are the bussiness peaple who are cutting the drugs, they have been ordered them not to selling their mixing drugs but they can only sell packs, because they did not knew the instructions of the drugs, and added some drugs that performs desame functions in the human body and that can cause an effections in future by the selfish pharmacists.

However, the king opinned that he did not stop the cutting of drugs in the kingdon. That he ordered the non-phamacists to go and learn how to mix/cut the drugs from professional who are the main pharmacists in the Kingdom. He added.