*1. Do I love the way things are? Can I trust the Party of Excuses and Blame games with another 4yrs?*

*2. Can I trust a President famous for ‘I AM NOT AWARE’ with another 4yrs?*

*3. Can I trust a President who does not trust anyone but ‘his people’ to handle sensitive positions, with another 4yrs?*

*4. Can NIGERIA afford another 4yrs of a divisive President?*

*5. Can a President who defends the corrupt in his Party truly fight corruption?*

*6. Can I hand over my Company/Children to a forgetful Manager/Teacher, ala a President who forgets the name of his Party, of Countries, of States and his Party’s Gubernatorial candidate?*

*7. Can I trust a NEXT LEVEL not predicated on verifiable economic indices?*

*8. Can I hand another 4yrs of my life to those who mouth integrity whereas cronyism, nepotism and despotism is their god?*

*9. Can I trust those who say WE HAVE DONE SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE with another 4yrs, when they have incurred more debts for the future than any Govt in our nation’s history?*

*10. Can I hand NIGERIA and posterity to a NEXT LEVEL under a watch that has made our Country the poverty capital of the World?*

*11. Can I trust a President whose failure led to the loss of over 20m jobs with another 4yrs?*

*12. Can I trust those who failed to fix power in 6months as promised, whilst blaming the GENCOS and DISCOS, with another 4yrs?*

*13. What will posterity say if I vote for a President who is not in-charge, and will not be in-charge as clearly posited by his wife?*

*14. Why should I vote a Govt that says that Atiku is corrupt but fails to charge him? And a Party, APC that invites the manifestly corrupt to join her?*

*15. Why will I vote a NEXT LEVEL that is manifestly bereft of ideas, when in ATIKU/OBI competency and capacity is manifest?*

*16. And why should I vote for the NEXT LEVEL of poverty, of job loss and insecurity, when my VOTE can GET NIGERIA WORKING AGAIN?*

*Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia JNR.*
*Director of Communication/Spokesperson.


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