2019: Iduwini Delta political front throws weight behind Okowa, Manager, Pondi, Asupa – Main News

A political group operating under the auspices of Iduwini Delta political front in Burutu Local Government Area has thrown its weight behind candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stressing that the team when voted into power would contribute their quota in the development of the local government Area.

This was made known to newsmen in Burutu recently by chairman of the Iduwini Delta Political Front, IDPF, Hon (Chief) Combolous Ikisa.

It would be recalled that Hon Ikisa is the vice chairman of Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State who hails from Odimodi, Ofougbene and Ayakoromo in both Iduwini and Ngbilebiri Kingdoms, Delta State.

The number two citizen of Burutu Local Government Area had particularly charged electorates of the local government not to think twice before voting for all the PDP candidates in the Local Government, noting that they are perfect for the political emancipation of the local government.

He had particularly praised the developmental strides of Okowa, adding that the governor is a practical demonstration of a reformer.

Chief Combolous continued, “A vote for Okowa, Manager, Pondi and Forteta is a vote for productivity and total transformation of Burutu Local Government Area.”

To demonstrate his love for the PDP candidates, the Burutu Local Government Vice Chairman had vowed to use his personal resources to mobilize fully for the aforementioned.

However, it would be recalled that Mr. Ignatius Ziakegha is the secretary of the Iduwini Delta Political Front.

Ziakegha is a former secretary of PDP in Burutu Local Government Area, former secretary to Burutu Local Government Council under Hon. Frank Ekioemi Zuokumor and now political adviser to the current Burutu local government chairman, Hon. Godknows Angele.

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