The candidate of the PDP in the 2019 National Assembly election for the Warri Federal Constituency Seat, Chief Thomas Ereyitomi has lamented over the poor state of court buildings and its infrastructure in Warri in the past years, saying that sector have been neglected too long and that it is unbacceptable for Warri status.

Chief Ereyitomi stated this while fielding questions from newsmen weekend in Warri about some of his plans for the Constituency after victory at the February 16 election.

According to him “If voted in as member representing Warri Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, I will ensure an aggressive advocacy to return us to the good old days that many of us remembered while growing up in the city.”

Chief Ereyitomi said as a graduate of Political Science and a Masters Degree holder in Public Administration, he appreciates the role that befits court halls, its environment, comfort of judicial workers and judges which can play key role in the dispensation of justice.

He expressed dismay that despite the approval of a National Industrial Court for Warri for some time now,” the lack of court hall and logistical arrangement have made this impossible to bring this gift to fruition; leading to litigants and lawyers having to continue to travel interstate and interregional distances to do their cases”. he assured that If voted into power, he will make sure he take up the matter as a top priority.

The PDP candidate for Warri Federal Constituency further decried about the complete stoppage of construction work at the site of the new High Court Complex in Warri, recalling, “In those days, Warri used to pride itself on having the best court halls, even as our lawyers used to be the most renowned only second to a few from the West. We must go back to the good old days and then begin to make efforts to surpass them”.

He commended the Warri Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association for sacrificing their Hall and making it possible for the Federal High Court in Warri to kick off. He however regretted the absence of advocacy at the level of the lower chambers in getting a permanent and befitting hall for the court; noting that Warri is the only city with a Federal High Court outside any state capital and as such he would prioritize advocacy for the building of a befitting edifice and the deploying of additional judges to reduce the work load on the current and only judge in the division, which situation he said was not healthy for the judge and litigants.

He also said that there was need to tweak the social and economic environment in Warri once again to ensure that the city booms as it did in the good old days, promising that he will work to ensure peace and harmonious coexistence as a means of re-attracting the corporations that once used to keep the city alive, just as he added that he will lobby for the acceleration and revitalization of the Warri and Koko Ports which is ongoing but long overdue and moving at a pace too slow for my liking. I will explore working with International, Federal and State Government development agencies for the attainment of a turnaround in the state of our courts. As you know, I am renowned for lobby which is the greatest tool of a legislator

The Warri Chief also said; the National Assembly should not be a tool for people to enhance their private business but for service to the people. I am an established business man by all standards and my desire to go and serve in the National Assembly is driven by the need to give more to my people

He urged the good people of the Federal Constituency to come out enmasse and vote for change after 12 years of mediocrity. A vote for me is a vote for the new way of thinking and service He concluded.

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