2019 Elections!!! Let Peace will Be Raine In Nigeria, Say No To Killings, Thuggery, And Rigging Of Elections By All Means- PJay West Warned

Nigbeke Perekontei Justice West (PJay West) the president of OSOVY.

By, Adebayo Goodluck, Akure

The President of Ondo State One Voice Youths (OSOVY) a Non-Governmental Organization, Nigbeke Perekontei Justice West, popularly know as PJay West in stage name, Chief Executive Officer Of MainNews Online Newspaper, and Boss of West Empire Records. Now call on all the political party leaders across the country to conduct free and fair elections, for the fouthcoming general elections across the country.

Which was rescheduled to February 2019, by the Nigeria Electoral Commission (INEC) early hour of today February 16th 2019.

However, the president warned the political leaders and their thugs “Let Peace will Be Rain In Nigeria, Say No To Killings, Thuggery, And Rigging Of Elections By All Means” including the party thugs, that always causes violence act, killings of innocents souls, all in the game of Democracy.

The president, furether stresses that ” If any attempts that wanted to rig the 2019 elections, by any means will bring problems to the country, acrimony and departure to the nation”.

In his statements, Made known to newsmen when addressing the OSOVY members at Akure, he urges the electorates to vote for the party that they prefared to vote. aither the All Progressive Congress (APC) or the Peaple Democratic Party (PDP), and other registered parties for the election. He added.


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