Amada-Suo Festival: An Avenue for Ijaw Unity and a new birth in EGBESU waters – EGBESU BROTHERHOOD | MainNews

Amada-Suo Festival: An Avenue for Ijaw Unity and a new birth in EGBESU waters – EGBESU BROTHERHOOD*

I wish to invite all sons and daughters of our great Ijaw Nation, to come out enmass and be a witness to the celebration of our cultural heritage and revival of a long forgotten religious practice.

On Wednesday 20th, February, will mark a new beginning in the chapters of Ijaw cultural history, it is a day where our ancestors and divine guardians will assemble themselves within our midst.

I urge every Ijaw son to take advantage of this event, to purify, sanctify and consecrate themselves with the full armour of the divine presence, especially as elections will be held three days after.

This epoch making event is titled “Amada-suo” festival, for information, the “Amada-suo” is a very powerful goddess of fertility and divine protection, as an Oru(Divine being), it can be categorised under what we know as “SERAPHIMS” in Christiandom, as the name implies ‘Amada-suo’, interpreting in English as “that which protects and defends the town”.

The “Amada-suo” was one of those deities used in the famous British-Akassa war, several occasions it has proven it potency, in addition, we will be having the famous ‘OSOWEI’ festival, Osowei is a deity of the forest, the keeper, guardian and Kings of all forest (Bounanawei).

The event will be presided over by Priest Eneyi alias Akpakirikpon, a Prophet, seer and a former high priest of the then MEND days, precisely at Boyloaf Barrack, up to the disarmament stage.

Amada-suo is the Supreme deity of the Agadas known as Ekpetiama people, history speak of Agada as a fearless warrior, the Amada-suo, has been a major tool for fearlessly defending the lands, people and terrain of Ijaws.

This event will hold at AVEN community, in Patani LGA, Delta state, a migrant town of Bumoundi people in Ekpetiama kingdom in present day Bayelsa.

It is with great pleasure, we once again invite you all to be in attendance, some of the features of the event include,: warboat display, canoe race, Traditonal baptism and sanctification, wrestling, masquerade display, etc.

We also thank the people of Ekpetiama, especially our leader, father, the Supreme Egbesu Assembly leader, Sgt Weri digifa, and encourage them to continue upholding such great norms and values.

Here are contact lines of the three zones in IJAW nation for those interested in attendance:

Justin Ogbomah (West): 08143006230
Adams Harrison(Central): 08102309093
Sage Godson (East): 08137847383

May the blessing of our great Mother Woyein rest upon each and every one of us, we pray for more grace upon the organising committee and that those that have contributed in making this event a success.

Apostle Bodmas kemepadei, Coordinator/Leader, Order of Egbesu Brotherhood.


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