SEE WHAT HAPPENS ON FEBRUARY 16!!! Why You are still blaming INEC for postponement?

1. A woman arrested in Aba with over 5,000 PVCs.

2. An already prepared result sheet in Aba.

3. PDP touts arrested in Akwa Ibom.

4. 3 PDP thugs arrested in Ilorin with thousands of PVCs.

5. EFCC impounds #1.2b been shipped to Akwa Ibom government house.

6. A brother to PDP state assembly candidate caught at CBN Asaba stealing election materials.

7. Fake assistant commissioner of police and 128 thugs caught in Ibadan.

8. Electioneering materials missing in CBN vault in 12 states… including Adamawa.

9. 50 million thumb printed ballot papers under PDP boxes in some states. ~ INEC spokesperson.

10. REC in various states refuses to pickup their calls from INEC HQ.

11. Card reader machines burnt in Anambra state.

12. Alleged PDP corruption machine paid INEC RECs $1m each

You are still blaming INEC for postponement?


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