All the gory details about corps members and Ad hoc staff under the employment apron of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). A must to know


All the gory details about corps members and Ad hoc staff under the employment apron of Independent National Electoral Commission
(INEC). A must to know.

A debilitating and nauseating development that must be conveyed to the upper echelons of government, and an urgent need to ameliorate the situation before the scheduled 23 February and 9 March general elections to come and demanding for onwards and upwards adherence as it is apt for human existence.

The situation found with the corps members together with the Ad hoc staff on the eve of the general election, particularly the preparatory night where after some necessary arrangement had been done at the respective RAC-centers, the corps members and Ad hoc staff slept outdoors on the bare grounds.

Less pleasant is when there was no security provisions for those people who fell asleep to protect their lives for a terrifying election by the government. It was absolutely terrifying.

The concern raised here and its ostensible reason can be seen in Kaduna where 66 persons were gruesomely killed by unknown gunmen, all happening on the basis of the election.

If I may ask, how many family members/relatives of those candidates have died or have been murdered in the course of this election? Why can’t we still be in our compos mentis for God’s sake in the run-up to the elections or election day.

This is a government that cannot set up security for your safety in an election you have a vital role to play all in their own benefit. Such attitude is a clear indication that you are a worthless junk.

The government has failed in its constitutional responsibility to guarantee you security; the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government as enshrined in the Constitution.Yet, my safety, your safety, our safety was slipped into oblivion. We can make case by demanding for security while preparing at the various RAC-centers before moving into the the polling Units. But this was not being contemplated amongst the affected people.

But, regrettably and unfortunately, the safety was secondary; the conduct of the general election was the government’s first priority.
We are also enablers of bad government.


1. The election is not yet over until it is over, therefore you and I still have a vital role to play on the day of the election. Hence our security should be brought to the fore;
2. Think beyond paltry gains;
3. Vote for a true democrat, not a dictator;
4. Be unwavering with your convictions over whom to be voted for;
5. Your vote determines your future; and
6. Shun violence.


L.K. Magi, Esq.

(Concerned citizen)


SPORTS!!! Manchester City need to Win UCL To Raise to the Levels of Real Madrid & Barca

By, Pukaty

The, Ilkay Gundogan admits that Manchester City need to win the Champions League in order to stand alongside the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid among the “international elite”.

The German playmaker told UEFA’s official website ahead of a meeting with Schalke on Wednesday: “We’ve experienced a lot in the Champions League in recent years – not all of it positive, of course. We should’ve won it at least once. Every club, every team, every single player would like to lift this trophy sometime. The competition to win it is so big year in, year out, so your chances are not that good, but there’s a team that wins it every year. If you want to be in the international elite, as a club and as a player, you need to clinch this trophy.”

“If we were to win it someday, the club would enter a new era – the same level as Real, Barca, Bayern [Munich] or Juventus. Our job is to try to give it our all to make that a reality.”

The Blues have reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in the past, and are back into the last 16 for 2019.

Just In!!! We are election observers, 41 Ijaw youths arrested in UYO laments |MainNews.Blog (Photos)

The Akwa-Ibom state police command paraded about 41 Ijaw youths arrested in UYO on the postponed election eve. One of the 41 suspects , Okorodas Ken, from Bayelsa State, confirmed that he and his colleagues were arrested at the Angellyne Hotel around 3 am on February 15 , adding that they had yet to reach their coordinator , who lodged them in the hotel.

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SAFETY FIRST: Military Assistance Corps release this information for your safety, View it now!!!

By, Oweibotei, VOA

According to the sources, Military Assistance Corps release this information for your safety. Please pass this message to your family and friends NOW.

People have been receiving calls from numbers below:

Tel: +375602605281
Tel: +37127913091
Tel: +37178565072
Tel: +56322553736
Tel: +37052529259
Tel: +255901130460
or any number starting from *+371 +375 +381*

These guys only ring once and hang up.
If you call back,they can copy your contact list in 3sec and if you have a bank or credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too…

+375 code is for Belarus.
+371 code is for Lativa.
+381 Serbia.
+563 Valparaiso.
+370 Vilnius.
+255 Tanzania.

*Don’t answer* or *Call back.*

Also, Don’t Press
*#90 or #09*
on your Mobile when asked by any caller.

It’s a new trick which is use to access your SIM card, make calls at your expense and frame you as a criminal.

*URGENTLY FORWARD* this message to as many friends as you can to stop any intrusion!!!


By Augustine Akpan, Uyo

Accuse him of collecting $1m Bribe to rig election for PDP

By Augustine Akpan, Uyo

Concerned youth of Akwa Ibom State numbering over two thousand this afternoon demanded immediate redeployment of the current Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Mike Igini from the state.

Akwa Ibom youths, Staging a peaceful protest at the state headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Udo Udoma Avenue, Uyo, the youth armed with placards with various inscriptions such as “Mike Igini is a biased umpire”, ‘Mike Igini is working hands in gloves for the PDP’, ‘Mike Igini is partisan” etc. asking for the embattled REC’s head.

“Mike Igini is not professional in the discharge of his duties. He has been compromised by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to rig the upcoming elections in their favour”, one of the protesting youth stated.

Speaking on behalf of the protesting youth, a foremost youth leader in the state, Comrade Stephen Ntukekpo said “the unfolding events in the last couple of days have proven beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Igini is working for the PDP. Mike Igini has been making some comment that shows he is clearly very partisan”.

Speaking further, Mr Ntukekpo said he had on good authority that Mr Igini has “collected 1million dollars from PDP to sell PVCs (Permanent Voter’s Cards) to them and also help them rig election”.

Ntokekpo who said the protest was to send a strong message to INEC that “Akwa Ibom people have rejected Igini in totality”, urged the commission to “as a matter of urgency transfer the highly compromised REC from the state”.

Sending a strong warning to the embattled REC, the youth leader warned him not to take the peaceful disposition of Akwa Ibom people for granted but should rather leave the state in peace. He said Akwa Ibom youths do not react but act.

“We (Akwa Ibomites) are very peaceful people. We love strangers. But no one should take our peaceful nature for granted. Mike Igini is not professional a professional. He has been compromised. He is fraudulent. We give him 48 hours to leave this state or else…”, Ntukekpo roared.

Aside serving the REC the ultimatum, the youth leader further warned INEC that the protesting youth will not vacate the secretariat until Igini whom he said was “hell bent on setting the state on fire” is redeployed.

“We will continue to occupy this place until Igini leaves. We cannot sit on the fence and watch a compromised INEC REC set our state on fire”, Ntukekpo stated.

Meanwhile, on the allegation of Akwa Ibom State REC collecting money from PDP to sell PVCs, earlier in the day, the state police command had paraded criminals arrested last weekend believed to have been smuggled into the state to cause violence during the postponed Presidential and National Assembly elections.

Among those arrested was one Mr Anietie Peters, a PDP Ward Chairman, Ikpa Ibom Ward 2 arrested with 2000 pieces of PVCs which he claimed to have bought from INEC.

In the past few weeks, there has been widespread allegations in the media alleging Mr Igini of being bribed to the tune of N425m by the Gov Udom Emmanuel PDP-led administration.

Mr Igini however locked himself up in his office and never showed up to address the protesters as at the time this reporter left INEC headquarters, Uyo.