All the gory details about corps members and Ad hoc staff under the employment apron of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). A must to know


All the gory details about corps members and Ad hoc staff under the employment apron of Independent National Electoral Commission
(INEC). A must to know.

A debilitating and nauseating development that must be conveyed to the upper echelons of government, and an urgent need to ameliorate the situation before the scheduled 23 February and 9 March general elections to come and demanding for onwards and upwards adherence as it is apt for human existence.

The situation found with the corps members together with the Ad hoc staff on the eve of the general election, particularly the preparatory night where after some necessary arrangement had been done at the respective RAC-centers, the corps members and Ad hoc staff slept outdoors on the bare grounds.

Less pleasant is when there was no security provisions for those people who fell asleep to protect their lives for a terrifying election by the government. It was absolutely terrifying.

The concern raised here and its ostensible reason can be seen in Kaduna where 66 persons were gruesomely killed by unknown gunmen, all happening on the basis of the election.

If I may ask, how many family members/relatives of those candidates have died or have been murdered in the course of this election? Why can’t we still be in our compos mentis for God’s sake in the run-up to the elections or election day.

This is a government that cannot set up security for your safety in an election you have a vital role to play all in their own benefit. Such attitude is a clear indication that you are a worthless junk.

The government has failed in its constitutional responsibility to guarantee you security; the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government as enshrined in the Constitution.Yet, my safety, your safety, our safety was slipped into oblivion. We can make case by demanding for security while preparing at the various RAC-centers before moving into the the polling Units. But this was not being contemplated amongst the affected people.

But, regrettably and unfortunately, the safety was secondary; the conduct of the general election was the government’s first priority.
We are also enablers of bad government.


1. The election is not yet over until it is over, therefore you and I still have a vital role to play on the day of the election. Hence our security should be brought to the fore;
2. Think beyond paltry gains;
3. Vote for a true democrat, not a dictator;
4. Be unwavering with your convictions over whom to be voted for;
5. Your vote determines your future; and
6. Shun violence.


L.K. Magi, Esq.

(Concerned citizen)

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