Delta 2019: Don’t send soldiers to kill Ijaw people under the guise of Election – Egbesu Brotherhood tells FG

We are disturbed with statements alleged by one Demebide A. Pele, a chieftain of the Delta state APC, who raised a false alarm that Ijaw communities in Delta state, are strongholds for militant camps, this is fictitious and fallacious.

We consider his statements as the revelation of a grand plot to militarise Ijaw communities in the forthcoming state elections, with the aim to intimidate, harass, molest and disenfranchise our people with the aid of the military, thereby paving way for their evil plot to cart away with electoral materials and input results in their favour.

We wish to remind the military that their constitutional obligation is to protect lives and properties, and not allow themselves to be used by desperate politicians like the likes of Demebide who is obviously acting a script written for him by Mr. Ovedje Ogboru, the Delta guber candidate of the APC, to perpetrate evil and thwart the people’s resolve to vote their desired choice.

For avoidance of doubt, the Ijaw people and majority of Deltans have unanimously agreed to vote for the candidacy of Okowa/Otuaro, the APC leaders being aware of this, have resorted to desperate moves of blackmailing communities and individuals, in order to find an excuse for the military to come in, so as to perfect their evil purposes as stated above.

Our interest as a group is the security and well being of Ijaw people and our neighbouring tribes, we call on the federal government to caution both the military to be professional and leaders of the APC in the state to be democratic, elections are not won by violence and blackmails, but rather by more diplomatic and subtle strategies that appeals to the people’s conscience.

Because someone is not in tandem with your political ideology doesn’t make him/her an enemy, there are democratic ways to attract voters/supporters in one’s favour, we advise the delta APC to implore such strategies, not planning of attacking communities and individuals. We therefore caution Demebide to refrain from such statements that may incite public disturbance and cause unrest.

We also utilise this medium to encourage Ijaws, deltans, not to be intimidated but to be in high spirit as they move towards electing a Governor on Saturday, come out enmass without fear and casts your voice for the choice candidate. Ijaws all over the Niger delta are keenly watching and observing and we will resist any attempt to subvert the people’s will in Delta.

Apostle Bodmas kemepadei, Leader/Coordinator, Order of Egbesu Brotherhood and convener Ijaw unity and peace committee.



Chief Thomas Ereyitomi JP (left) President of Ugbajor Itsekiri UK, Mr. Julius Temisanren


An Itsekiri Sociocultural body Ugbajo Itsekiri, United Kingdom Branch, UIUK has congratulated the PDP candidate Warri Federal House of Representatives and member elect in the February 23 Presidential and National election conducted by INEC across Nigeria.

Delivering the Ugbajor Itsekiri UIUK branch congratulatory message, President of the group in United Kingdom, Mr. Julius Temisanren said thus ” your victory didnt come as a surprise given your pedigree and we believe for the first time Warri Federal Constituency will have a true and proper representation that will allow meaningful development and alleviation of poverty”.

The Itsekiri Diaspora body stated further that “we Ugbajor Itsekiri United Kingdom have always enjoyed your benevolence and we are greatful, we look forward to working with you especially in the areas of healthcare, education as well as youth employment as he will embark on dispensing of constituency projects.

They once again congratulated the Warri Federal House of Representatives member elect, Chief Thomas Ereyitomi and also prayed to God to give him divine guidance and wisdom through out his tenure.

Ending Pele Amassoma Market Square, Endorse Hon. Felix Bonny Ayah, As Member Of Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Representing, Southern Ijaw Constituency 1

MainNews corespondent, earlier learnt on Wednesday 6th of March 2019, that Ending Pele Market Square, Amassoma, Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa State, were highly endoreses Hon. Felix Bonny Ayah, of the Peaple Democratic Party (PDP), ahead of the Saturdays March 9th 2019, for the forth coming Bayelsa State House of Assembly elections.

However, the campaign were carried on by his supporters group of Ogboin-Ibe Grass-Root Political Network (OPN), headed by Mr. Jonathan Gilbert (BDK) Apreala, the Founder, Director-General and some of It’s prominent members, such as DD Ogede, the spokesman, Clement Mary Ebiede, woman leader, Henry Sogo, ward 11 coordinator of the Ogboin-Ibe Grass-Root Political Network (OPN), and others.

During the Campaingn, the Ending Pele Market Square peaple, were highly welcomed the (OPN) group and fully endores Hon. Bonny Ayah ahead of the fouth coming Saturday 9th March 2019, House of Assembly elections, representing Southern Ijaw Constituency 1, Bayelsa state.

In a statements, made known by Mr. Jonathan Gilbert (BDK) Apreala, while addressing the campaign, urged the peaple of Ending Pele, to give there suports to Felix Bonny Ayah ‘PDP’ flag bearer of the party, for the fouth coming Saturday’s election, and discribed Hon. Bonny Ayah as the new Alamiyenyeseigha of Ijaw Nation. And Bonny Ayah will bring new development into the peaple when voted.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman of the Market Square, Samuel Oboko, confirmed their fully support to Bonny Ayah and the Peaple Democratic Party (PDP) as general. “Ever since, we are living in this Market Square, we were isolated from the peaple of Amossoma and nobody comes to our rescure, even in terms of floods, we were not seen any government official to help us, but now we are seen that the (OPN) has remembered us in support of Bonny Ayah, will now lets us known that our fully supports is with Felix Bonny Ayah” He added.