Ending Pele Amassoma Market Square, Endorse Hon. Felix Bonny Ayah, As Member Of Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Representing, Southern Ijaw Constituency 1

MainNews corespondent, earlier learnt on Wednesday 6th of March 2019, that Ending Pele Market Square, Amassoma, Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa State, were highly endoreses Hon. Felix Bonny Ayah, of the Peaple Democratic Party (PDP), ahead of the Saturdays March 9th 2019, for the forth coming Bayelsa State House of Assembly elections.

However, the campaign were carried on by his supporters group of Ogboin-Ibe Grass-Root Political Network (OPN), headed by Mr. Jonathan Gilbert (BDK) Apreala, the Founder, Director-General and some of It’s prominent members, such as DD Ogede, the spokesman, Clement Mary Ebiede, woman leader, Henry Sogo, ward 11 coordinator of the Ogboin-Ibe Grass-Root Political Network (OPN), and others.

During the Campaingn, the Ending Pele Market Square peaple, were highly welcomed the (OPN) group and fully endores Hon. Bonny Ayah ahead of the fouth coming Saturday 9th March 2019, House of Assembly elections, representing Southern Ijaw Constituency 1, Bayelsa state.

In a statements, made known by Mr. Jonathan Gilbert (BDK) Apreala, while addressing the campaign, urged the peaple of Ending Pele, to give there suports to Felix Bonny Ayah ‘PDP’ flag bearer of the party, for the fouth coming Saturday’s election, and discribed Hon. Bonny Ayah as the new Alamiyenyeseigha of Ijaw Nation. And Bonny Ayah will bring new development into the peaple when voted.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman of the Market Square, Samuel Oboko, confirmed their fully support to Bonny Ayah and the Peaple Democratic Party (PDP) as general. “Ever since, we are living in this Market Square, we were isolated from the peaple of Amossoma and nobody comes to our rescure, even in terms of floods, we were not seen any government official to help us, but now we are seen that the (OPN) has remembered us in support of Bonny Ayah, will now lets us known that our fully supports is with Felix Bonny Ayah” He added.

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