(Why I am Contending to Represent Bomadi Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly )

Official Declaration of My Masses Driven Ambition
by Comr. Tam Oburumu

Introduction –

I am Tamaraukepreye Oburumu ,known widely as comrade Tam Oburumu .I am paternally from ogbeinama, ward six of Bomadi LGA and maternally from Ayakoromo, ward seven, Burutu LGA.
I have a degree in English studies of the Obefemi Awolowo university 2005. I did my primary education in Bomadi, Ayakoromo and Okpokunou towns and my secondary in Ayakoromo and very briefly in kpakiama.
I am in my early forties ,a writer, civil rights activist, teacher, TV and radio programs analyst .
I am a direct grandson of Chief T. O Onduku (the renowned Ijaw educationist ,historian and Ijaw language alphabet progenitor. )


I am very sad, truly and passionately sad about the deliberately engineered poor and grossly incompetent representation meted out on the hapless citizens of Bomadi constituency by a group of selfish political syndicate .

From 1999 to date ,representation in the Bomadi constituency is nothing but a colossal failure in terms of leadership and legislative competence. Our people are at the receiving end of this tragedy, experiencing neglect and underdevelopment from persons whose duties are to promote and protect the constituents.

This is what I want to correct. I want to give my good people of bomadi constituency, the true definition of representation in which their immediate needs will be a top priority.

The previous and present opportunists lucky enough to have ingloriously benefited as legislators from the primitive syndrome of imposition have offered nothing but glare legislative mediocrity and incompetence..An embarrassing situation every well meaning individual in Bomadi constituency is tired of. This, I want to correct.

As a legislator, I am going to be accessible and accountable on every single appropriation which our people have never experienced before . My leadership will be completely driven by the will of the people .

There shall be physical and psychological development of the people through the provision of good education and self reliant programs for the youths and the elderly ones .

A constituency office shall be established in Bomadi town to provide the opportunity for constituents to lay complaints and suggestions. This is aside the frequent town hall meetings I will be holding monthly with very ward under my constituency.

The propagation, sponsoring of bills and moving of motions for the collective interest of the people will be given a top priority during my legislative days.

I will be very vocal during plenary and actively participate in bills passages and budget presentations to the benefit of my constituents.

I am going to make sure vital infrastructural projects in my constituency are included in the budget through lobbying and by any means necessary.

The constituency development funds I receive shall be published openly ,accounted for and will be used for human faced projects through the direct involvement of the constituents.

The usual impunity of siphoning the constituency development funds by this present carefree representative will be put to an end.

I will also create platforms for youth leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Great responsibilities shall be given to our youths to give them the self confidence and ability to excel in any chosen field.

I am ready to make the impact people think is impossible.

Today, Bomadi LGA has no good hospital, road, electricity, water, school because of bad leadership and selfish representation. Cultism, prostitution, truancy and drug abuse are in the high side amongst the youths because we have leaders who take pleasure in abandoning the plight of the youths.. They only use them to kill and rig elections. This I will stop.

We are in this sorry state in our constituency because of the level of

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