I lost the election due to low turnout of voters – Jimi Agbaje

Jimi Agbaje, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded Lagos State governorship election, says he lost the election due to low turnout of voters.

Agbaje, in an interview with The Punch newspaper after he lost the election to Babajide Sanwo-Olu of the All Progressives Congress with a margin of 533,304 votes, said the APC orchestrated the apathy and should be held accountable.

Although Agbaje has congratulated Sanwo-Olu on his victory at the poll, he also asserted that the rate of violence and how the presidential election was rigged with figures written for the APC all contributed to why the governorship and state house of assembly elections in Lagos recorded very low turnout.

He said: “From the outset, it was clear that the numbers were on our side and naturally, that was our comparable strength but the moment you had the numbers slashed, then we were at a disadvantage.


Elections: Kano Wailers See Woo Tudun Wada LGA – Kano Result

Kano wailers see woo
Tudun Wada LGA – Kano

APC: 38,865
PDP: 10,707
Reg Voters: 125,667
Accredited Voters:54,555
Valid Votes: 49,991
Rejected Votes:1067
Votes Cast:51,058

Tsanyawa LGA

APC: 25,823
PDP: 5,399
Code: 040
Reg Voters:
Accredited Voters:
Valid Votes: 31,727
Rejected Votes:1,185
Votes Casted:32,912

Sumaila LGA

APC: 34,609
PDP: 4,9044
Reg Voters: 107,361
Accredited Voters:42,624
Valid Votes: 40,163
Rejected Votes:1,667
Votes Casted:41,830

Gwarzo LGA

APC: 33,581
PDP: 10,682
Reg Voters: 105,341
Accredited Voters: 47,041
Valid Votes: 44,855
Rejected Votes: 1,640
Votes Casted: 46,395

Kibiya LGA

APC: 18,085
PDP: 11,028
Reg Voters: 72,715
Accredited Voters:30,692
Valid Votes: 29,408
Rejected Votes: 821
Votes Casted: 30,229

Rano LGA

APC: 23,855
PDP: 7,055
Code: 032
Reg Voters: 76,966
Accredited Voters:33,118
Valid Votes: 31,444
Rejected Votes:1007
Votes Casted: 32,451

Ajingi LGA

APC: 21,458
PDP: 5,267
Code: 001
Reg Voters: 72,182
Accredited Voters: 29,470
Valid Votes: 27,491
Rejected Votes:1,575
Votes Casted:29,066

Gezawa LGA

APC: 29,954
PDP: 8,246
Code: 017
Reg Voters: 103,527
Accredited Voters:41,804
Valid Votes: 39,735
Rejected Votes: 1861
Votes Casted: 41,596

Gwale LGA

APC: 50,834
PDP: 12,283
Reg Voters: 226,792
Accredited Voters:68,407
Valid Votes: 64,459
Rejected Votes: 2,922
Votes Casted:67,381

Bebeji LGA

APC: 26,023
PDP: 8,190
Code: 004
Reg Voters: 76,740
Accredited Voters:35,839
Valid Votes: 34,635
Rejected Votes:648
Votes Casted:35,278

Gaya LGA

APC: 25,864
PDP: 6,577
Reg Voters: 93,834
Accredited Voters:35,758
Valid Votes: 33,295
Rejected Votes:1,127
Votes Casted:34,422

Albasu LGA

APC: 36,412
PDP: 10,285
Reg Voters: 89,684
Accredited Voters:38,657
Valid Votes: 37,083
Rejected Votes:1,019
Votes Casted:38,102

Warawa LGA

APC: 19,073
PDP: 6,101
Code: 043
Reg Voters: 68,951
Accredited Voters: 27,862
Valid Votes: 24,389
Rejected Votes: 1017
Votes Casted: 25,406

Garun Malam LGA
Code: 015
APC: 23,810

While Abba is leading in only 5 Kano metropolitan LG’s, Ganduje is leading in 29 LGA’s

JUST IN: ALUBEZE Congratulates Okowa, Asupa, Pullah For Their Well Deserved Victory

ALUBEZE Congratulates Okowa, Asupa, Pullah for their well deserved Victory..

Burutu Legislative Arm Speaker RtHon Joseph Asiaye Alubeze has congratulated Sen.Dr.Ifeanyi Okowa, and Deputy, Barr Kingsley Otuaro for their well deserved victory at the polls.

Alubeze also felicitated with Hon Asupa Forteta and Mr Pullah Ekpotuayerin for emerging victorious as the representatives of Burutu North and South Constituencies in the Delta State House of Assembly in the just concluded Governorship and State Assembly elections.

The Politician cum philanthropist who was encouraged by the massive turn out of voters in his Ward (Kiagbodo), Burutu Local Government Area, expressed a firm conviction of a landslide victory for the People’s Democratic Party, noted that the candidates won with a wide margin.

He further urged everyone to unite and share ideas to restore Delta State to its rightful place as a home of foreign and local investors where jobs and economic opportunities flourish.

He also charged the Governor together with the Newly elected Legislators to design policies and programmes that would encourage peace, unity and development in Burutu Local Government and Delta State in entirety.

He further appreciates the good people of Burutu and Deltans in general for voting massively for the PDP, stating that the PDP as usual always remain committed to giving them their well deserved dividends of Democracy.