Hon, Barivule J. KaBari Speak On The History Of Naabiladee Festival (Amanikpo Festival) Ongoing Across Communities In Gokana LGA

MainNews.Blog earlier learnt that, the councillor representing B/Dere Ward 4 in Gokana legislative Assembly Hon, Barivule J. KaBari speaking this morning on the History of the Naabiladee Festival (Amanikpo Festival) on going across communities in Gokana LGA.

According to the councilor, Amanikpo is the most powerful and dreaded cultural group in Ogoni. Ogoni is a major tribe, near Port-Harcourt, in Rivers State, Nigeria. Membership of this group is either core or regular. Unlike core , regular members only enjoy freedom of passage where the group is performing; a privilege not open to the public. Amanikpo and its members perform in absolute secrecy and under the cover of darkness as they are not meant to be seen by anyone other than the members. They can, however, be seen only when on stage where their masquerades are displayed in daylights for public entertainment. The masquerades are carved humans capable of talking, singing and dancing via local technology known to only core members.

The true origins of the Ogoni people are not very well known, research has it that they migrated into the area from across the Imo River while other research says that the Ogoni people came in boats from Ghana and settled in the southern part of the area. Believers in this theory point to the name by which most of the Ogoni peoples call themselves (Khana) as a pointer to the Ghana origins of the Ogoni people.

However, she forevermore, urge the Christian community to make way and stay clear from the part of this group why this tradition of their forefathers is observed.

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