Chevron-Egbema Marginalization!!! Group Threatens To Shutdown Chevron Oil Facilities, Gives Chevron 14 Days Ultimatum To Address 6 Points Demands

A group under the aegis of the General Creeks Mandate (GCM) in Egbema Kingdom,Warri-North Local Government Area of Delta State has threatened to shutdown completely Chevron Nigeria Limited operations at Opuama, Opia, Ogbudugbudu, Ogbinbiri, Polobubou and other Towns in the kingdom over what it termed deliberate marginalization and oppression of oil bearing communities by the American oil giant.

The group issued this in a Press Statement after a crucial meeting held at Opia creek yesterday and signed by its Spokesman,Comm. John Famukoromo stressed that, Chevron Oil Company operating in Egbema land deliberately deprived their people of major oil contract jobs, non employment of their people as permanent staff, contamination of their environment, non provision of social amenities and host of others.

According to the ‘ Press Statement ‘reads; “We wish to draw the attention of relevant authorities that we will no longer accept any form of marginalization of our people from Chevron oil company operating in Egbema kingdom,Warri North L.G.A.of Delta State. We find it not only embarrassing, but totally unacceptable the disdain treatment our people are getting from chevron multi-national company.

We will shutdown Chevron oil facilities, except it is ready to end ill treatments on our communities. We have oil everywhere but we don’t live like oil bearing communities. Our people are not considered for major contracts,we have no light,no road,no good schools and no drinkable water.

We suffered gas flaring, annual flooding and soil erosion but no attention from Chevron. We can not host to Chevron and suffered hardship. Chevron should vacate Egbema kingdom if it is not ready to cooperate with us.”

“Our situation could be liken to someone who is beside the river,yet cry of being thirsty. It is a fact that Communities like Opuama, Opia, Ogbudugbudu, Ogbinbirin, Polobubou e.t.c in Egbema kingdom are home to Chevron Nigeria Limited for some donkey years, yet our people are treated like slaves. People from these Communities are hardly employed as contract staff,where as other ethnic groups are given permanent staff jobs. IF WE MAY ASK,WHY SHOULD IJAW OWN BE DIFFERENT? What an aberration and slap on our faces.

A drilling rig company has been working in our area since 2015, up to this day, all efforts to make the company review the MOU and other terms of benefits has been proof abortive due to”I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE ” of the Company.

Chevron Nigeria Limited further demonstrates lordship mentality in the Escravos Gas-to-Liquids Project (EGTL) turn around maintenance that would kick off by third quarters of 2019 with no clear allocation for Ijaws in terms of contracting opportunities and empowerment. This is so shameful and a slap on our jaws as a company working in our communities could treat us thus.”

However,our demands is that ;
* We need our Communities given proper development attention by Chevron.

* We want our people to be considered major contracts.

* We need good water,power supply,Hospitals,Schools.

* We need our people to be employed as permanent staff in Chevron.

* We want our flooded Communities to be piled and Sandfield.

* We want end to soil erosion in our Communities,the group demanded.”

Speaking further,the group reiterated that, in their recent meeting with the Executives of EGCDF, “we discovered that over a week now,fire gutted Chevron Nigeria Limited Ikpalakpala-bou well-head at Polobubo Community in Warri-North L.G.A.of Delta state,emitting dangerous substances that are hazardous to our peoples health,the company is yet to do the needful.

It is very funny that human memory is so short,if not so, how could Chevron Nigeria Limited have forgotten so soon the crisis that led to its facilities being attacked severally which plunge the Nation’s economy into recession ? Based on the aforementioned reasons,we want all outstanding issues to be addressed within a period of 14days,which its failure shall lead to Chevron Nigeria Limited operations been shut down in Egbema kingdom,because we shall not fold our hands,while our people are been oppressed in a broad day light. The group stated.”

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