JUNGLE JUSTICE: Warning To Bayelsa Youths, As Another Criminals Burnt Alive At Ede-Epie, Yenagoa

By Kilepiri John, Yenagoa

It was earlier disclosed, an angry mob burnt another allegedly criminals alive at Ede-Epie in Yenagoa the capital city of Bayelsa state,Nigeria.

During the last weeks, newsmen learnt that, this type of scenario occurred at Akenfa and Okaka all at in Yenagoa, before it got to the recent jungle justice in Ede-Epie where a young Hanson boys were burnt alive as a result of the allegedly criminal activity.

However, the jungle justice was not rampant in the state before, but now the criminal rate is higher than in those days. The using of cost phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, laptops, iPad, etc are seen as in danger for those who can afford to purchase them due to the high rate of the criminal rate in the state.

So in this case, the disturbing criminals would aware and the youths also will now aware of that, it can be a victim to anyone who is involving in such criminal activities.


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