IPDI Lauds NASS For Setting Up Panel To Probe Fraud In Amnesty Office | MainNews.Blog

By Francis Tayor, Warri

The Ijaw Peoples Development lnitiative IPDI, has commended National Assembly for the announcement by the Speaker Federal House of Representative, Hon. Dogara Yakubu, in setting up probe committee to look into the corrupt practices ongoing in the Presidential Amnesty Office under Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo.

The group made the commendation through a Press Statement signed by its Spokesman, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel said, the probe is long overdue. The Amnesty office has been brought to a disgraceful end whereby stipends of ex-agitators have been frequently manipulated by privileged ex-militant commanders in connival with Amnesty staff.

According to the Press Statement, “It is with joy in our heart as we received the announcement by Speaker Federal House of Representatives, Honorable Yakubu Dogara, in setting up probe committee to looking into grandiose corruption, nepotism,high handedness and incompetence roaring its ugly head under professor Charles Dokubo led amnesty office in response to our patriotic call for search light to be beamed on the amnesty programme.

It may interest you to know that Late President, Alhaji Yar’a dua vision for coming up with Amnesty for 30,000 agitators under the 3Ds of disarmament,demobilization and reintegration strategy has been completely eroded under present occupiers of that office. He arbitrarily sack Delta and Bayelsa staff in the office and replaced with his Kalabari brothers.”

“This probe is long overdue, the amnesty office has been brought to a disgraceful end. Stipends of ex-agitators have been frequently manipulated by privileged ex-militant commanders in connival with amnesty office.House allowances not paid, empowerment is elective, Training is selective, some ex-agitator’s names were removed from training and replaced with people who are not ex-agitators, contractors abandoned delegates and embezzled funds meant for such contracts and students in foreign and local universities abandoned.

The amnesty programme is primarily initiated to empower and turns around the lives of ex-agitators but now becomes an avenue for every tom, dick and harry to become rich with it over night so long you are a friend to handlers of the programme, professor Charles Dokubo is a typical example, As he gives a fraudulent priority to his friends, associates and kinsmen from Kalabari clan without given a dam about the interest of those whose the amnesty programme is meant for.”

If I may asked; Is professor Charles Dokubo saying that there are no competent and vibrant young men in the whole Niger Delta region who could be his personal aide? what is the rationale behind his bringing in a Northerner as PA? This probe panel will not only unravel cesspool of abuse of office by professor Charles Dokubo CABAL, but it will equally serves as eye opener that public office is a call to duty not a family farm.

Obviously, now that House of representatives has done the needful by listening to a clarion call of stakeholders, we are ready to go further by appearing before the committee in presenting the positions of stakeholders whom professor Charles Dokubo clannishness, parochial and inept leadership has cut off from the programme, the statement adds.”

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