JUST IN!!! Chevron Marginalization: General Creeks Mandate Declares Seize Fire Over Operation Shutdown Chevron Facilities Earlier Announced

Says They Might Strike Without Prior Public Notice If The Issues Raised Before Chevron Are Not Addressed In Time

The Sequel to the earlier declaration of Operation Zero Chevron operations in Egbema kingdom, Warri North Local Government Area of Delta state, by the group known as General Creeks Mandate (GCM),has suspended the 14days ultimatum issued to American muti-national company,Chevron Nigerian Limited to address some germane issues raised in a Press Statement, which will elapse in few days time.

The group in a fresh Press Statement released yesterday and signed by its Spokesman, Gen.John Famukuromo said, the seize fire is based on intervention, several calls, messages and dialogue from eminent concerned leaders of Ijaw Nation whom we hold in high esteem appealing for more time to amicably address the burning issues we have put forward.

We hereby step down our initial operation zero Chevron operations as earlier declared, as we have equally called on all our striking team to hold fire, while we give our purported leaders another benefit of doubt to address the Chevron madness in Egbema kingdom.

Gen.Famukoromo stressed that,It is a well-known fact that all the muti-national companies does not engage in inimical practices in their countries,but find Nigeria to be a fertile ground for their slavery,apartheid and unjust system,where people whose land produces the black gold are treated with high level of disdain.

According to the group said: ” We may strike without prior public notice,if the issues raised are not address in a reasonable time.We are not sleeping over our demands, all mediators and concern Ijaw leaders should take note. Our review of action should not be taken for laziness.All hands must be on desk to ensure crisis does not broke out between Egbema kingdom and Chevron multi-national oil firm.

We must at this junction condemn Egbema- Gbaramatu Communities Development Foundation [EGCDF] executives for their lay back, millipede, unfocused and lackadaisical representation of Egbema kingdom. We passed vote of no confidence on them because their way of handling crucial issues is born out of selfish inertest.

How can we claim to have a body like EGCDF, yet Chevron take our people for granted at all fronts?. To all the concern leaders of Ijaw Nation who persuaded us into dropping our total war against Chevron,must match their words with action as regards our demands within a reasonable time to avoid bad blood flowing, the statement adds. “

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