How To Pray ‘Ijaw Powerful Prayers That Can Save You Out Of Dangers, War, Kidnappers, Motor Accidents, Etc – Prophet Ajabowei Reveals

Take note: This article writing contains Ijaw and English languages, and officially powered by Prophet Ajabowei, AKA the “Son of Egbesu”.

He is the author of the ‘Holy Book Of Egbesu’. And the founder of ‘Egbesu Knowledge Impacting Center (EKIC) nation wide. And also a motivational book writer.

During the days of our forefathers, they are praying and all this their prayers are working in the favour of the Ijaw land since the immemorial of Ijaw people in the Niger Delta Coast and they were also testified and believed that the prayers are working for them and gave thanks to Egbesu the ark of God.

Even though in our early age, before a brutal accident occurred, it is hardly to notice that Ijaw persons were among as a victims.

But now are days, Ijaw peoples did not believed what the Almighty God gave them from Israel, according to the holy bible after the departure of Izon from the land of Israel, they acclaimed that the Ark of God Isreal was using to fought against their enemies is with them and they covered it with white cloth.

There are three prominent ways of how to pray Ijaw powerful prayers. Below are those ones;

(1) Pinabide Seitorufa (White cloth does not have back and front).

When you want to embark on a Jonny, pray that may your days may be successful and pure like Egbesu White, and whatever accident, danger, kidnapping attack, war, it will cover you and from there it would save you, and you will save. Read More at the Holy Book Of Egbesu.

(2) Pabor Warikela (What goes out must sure comes in).

Pabor Warikela means that “what goes out must surely comes in” if you want to go out from your home, you were adviced to pray and say thus, in Ijaw language below;

Pabor warikela, Mimimi epamini epebi bo wari kela”.

See English translation below;

As I’m going out let me successfully come back to my home“. Read more at the Holy Book Of Egbesu.

(3) Osi Woni Ugou Isunmou Korobaifa (Snail road does not flow with blood).

This particular prayer is one of the prominent among others, though it is well known across all the Ijaw communities and their cities. Such as the ancient city of Arogbo, Amassoma, Gbaraun, Odi, Egbema, etc.

In case of any secrecy movement or Jonny, you will advice to prayed that ‘by the time u are moving out there will be no blood flows at the road and let your Jonny will be cover by Egbesu white into the movement… Say thus below;


OSI woni ugou isomou korobaifa, eh woni ugou pebi isomou koro kumoh eh”.

English translation;

Snail road does not flows blood, so therefore let my road may not be in flowing of blood”. For more read the Holy Book Of Egbesu.

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