The Delta State Commissioner For Information, Patrick Ukah, who claimed in documents he submitted to the state transition committee that he bought 8 cameras for DBS Asaba and Warri for over N18 million could not be bold to tell the state chapter of online publishers how much has so far been expended on DBS Asaba and Warri for fear of the unknown…..

Ukah, during media interaction today, Wednesday, with the Delta state online publishers in Asaba told the publishers several projects he has carried out but when asked how much he has so far committed on the projects, he declined, meanwhile before the arrival of the commissioner, some of the publishers have been passionately appealed to not to be hard on the commissioner with critical questions…….

Here are some of the lies and fraudulent claims by the state information commissioner in some documents he submitted to the transition committee few weeks ago:

(1) Ukah claimed to have purchased eight cameras at the cost of N18,721,738.00 for Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba and Warri…….

(2) Ukah claimed to have purchased some equipment for Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba and Warri at the cost of N9,654,750.00, meanwhile he declined to mention the equipment……

(3) Ukah claimed to have repaired of the FM coxial feeder line at Delta Broadcasting Service, Warri at the cost of N16,620,000.00 and no sign of improvement……

(4) Ukah claimed to have repaired the back-up transmitters at Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba, Ubulu-Uku and Warri at the cost of N43,000,000.00, and Mast tensioning, painting and repairs of Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba at the cost of N11,150,000.00.

(5) Ukah claimed that the provision and installation of antenna and repairs of TV transmitters cost him the sum of N57,240,000.00 and a brief to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on the 2017 flood disaster in Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba and restoration of the station back to air cost him the sum of N17,000,000.00……

(6) Ukah claimed that he repaired a faulty back up transmitters at Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba, Ubulu-Uku and Warri at the cost of N68,380,000.00…..

A second look at the above items, you will see that the repairs of transmitters with several millions of naira featured severally and you begin to ask, how much is a new transmitter that Ukah has expended so much millions of naira in just repairs……?

Absolutely there is nothing is on ground to show that actually such huge amount of several millions of naira was expended as the commissioner as claimed by the information commissioner in his documents……

The information commissioner has refused to react or make clarification on the following controversial purchases and expenditures made as shown in some of the documents tendered to the transition committee, but a reaction that came through his media assistant, Samuel Ijeh, claimed that the documents in our possession were actually submitted but it was later discovered that they were some typographical errors and they were withdrawn……

The question again is that is the commissioner for information saying such sensitive documents were given to him without reading through them carefully before submitting them in his hand over note to the transition committee.?……

Another question is that, why did the commissioner withdrew the documents (if actually he withdrew them as claimed) when he discovered that the documents are already in the public domain……?

Do you also know that on Monday this week, Latimore and the Head of Service came for a live program “The Golden Ride) in DBS Asaba but couldn’t come on up air due to some circumstances and the TV studio couldn’t be powered and these two government officials left embarrassed. The office and studio chairs, microphones etc are nothing to write home about and here Ukah is claiming to have expended millions of naira in DBS Asaba and Warri……..

NB: As you can see in one of the pictures, that was the cameras “Sony Digital HXR-NX 100” and it has been confirmed that one of that camera can go for less that a N600,000 but it was claimed that each of the cameras was bought at over N2 million…….

Some of the addresses of the contractors in the documents Ukah claimed to have awarded the millions of naira contracts to, could not be located……

Moving forward, the information commissioner must as a matter of urgency and importance come out and address Deltans on how much he has so far expended in contracts awarded out for DBS Asaba and Warri as claimed in his documents and failure to do that a mass protest will be considered……..

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