BaboMo BaboMo Mu: A Suspected Cultist Whom Murdered Burial Celebrant At Egbesubiri In Arogbo City, Was Cuts And Murdered Through An Accepted Traditional Jungle Justice

  • By Voice Of Arogbo (VOA)
  • It was earlier reported that the suspected confraternity member identified as Blessing Olopele, who has cold bloodily stabbed to death an indigine of Arogbo kingdom just because of an illegal requesting of land fee with some of his gang members in the kingdom, has finally arrested through the help of his family members, after he have been escaped as a result of his murdered a boy who is from Lagos state to attend a Burial ceremony of the late Mr Deminiwei in Egbesubiri, and he is also an indigine of the kingdom, but his name was not ascertained and belong to the son of October Duweigha, from Tebubeleu street in Arogbo.
  • However, the culprit family members find him out and handover the murderer to the deceased family, where they tied him together with the deceased body, immediately after the realised of his elder brother who has been firstly faced the penalty.
  • According to our sources gathered from the ancient city of Arogbo, is that, “In the process of tiding Blessing and the deceased body over six hours, Mr. Blessing Olopele gave up ghost”, and this justice is accepted and it has been applied to a victims since the Immemorial of the kingdom and some of its kingdoms, such as Egbema and some prominent Ijaw communities.

  • Babomo Babomo Mu is a well known justice across most of the Ijaw communities.

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