Hon. Kolade Victor Akinjo, member of federal House of the representative, representing Ilaje/Ese-Odo federal constituency in Ondo State, has reaveles his plan to develop and grow the state when he elected as the governor of the state.

Acording to him, Ondo state is blessed with sufficient natural and human resources and their human resources can be rated as being excellent and the best in Nigeria. He added that Ondo state men and women are hardworking, intelligent and highly creative. Therefore what should be done include the building of desirable incentives and encouragements for them to be able to unleash their potentials in their collective desires to develop the sunshine State.

Kolade has sited an example, says that, his pet Mekunnukoya Cooperatives will be replicated and boosted in all the 203 Wards in the State if he is elected as the Governor of Ondo State.

According to him, Mekunkoya Cooperative is to encourage entrepreneurial development among the people for them to become self-employed, and this will also assist them to be able to have access to government loans to boost their economy.

However, Kolade opined that Ondo State can’t continue to solely depend on money from oil derivation because it’s an agrarian State that can supply agricultural products to other parts of the Country and outside the Country if they can creatively harness our agriculture potentials. Ondo State is one of the largest producers of cocoa, cassava, yams, citruses etc. Says, that he will devote attention to the tapping and development of the t resources available in the State.

He further asserted that Let’s the people bear it in mind that Ondo State has the longest coastline in Nigeria and reaveled the advantage of the coastline in aquatic activities which will be help to grow the economy by boosting employment opportunity to its riverside dwellers.

He added that, the forestry activities in the State will be regulated appropriately to accommodate all stakeholders’ interest without forfeiting the expected revenues for the government. According to Kolade, the regulatory policy of the government will allow the farmers in government reserve centers to do their farming and huntings without engaging in illegal activities.

The large bitumen deposits in the State will be given serious attention. This is to guarantee the exploitation and utilisation of the products locally and for export purposes. He stated.

The Security of the Ondo state will be anchored of Community Policing System whereby, the Community heads and Community leaders are organized and empowered to complement the efforts of Security Operatives in combatting crimes. Crimes will be tackled and reduced to the zero tolerance level.

He has also added that, Workers’ interest will be prioritised since the workers deserve their wages. Salaries and entitlements will be paid promptly and regularly. In service trainings will be organised for the workers on regular basis so as to make them current with modern methods of social administration.

The Honourable also make an emphasis about Education, says that it’s meant for the building of viable and happy society. If education can’t be offered freely, it should not be too expensive to bear for the learners as we currently have it in the State. I’ll review schools fees charged in the tertiary institutions and ensure that, at least, primary education is not only free but also compulsory in Ondo State.

While In the health sector, the qualified and competent health workers will be recruited and more Hospitals will be provided, equipped and staffed to prevent avoidable deaths in the State. Maternity Cares will be free and infants health care delivery will be free. There will be at least, one “mother and child” hospital in every local government of the State. Health is wealth principle will guide us in our health care delivery policy.

Both land, air and water transportation will be regulated to ensure safe, cheap and comfortable travellings in the State.

The Ondo State of his dream is one that is secured, friendly, developed with sustainable growth for all to be comfortable and happy.

Call’s God help;
So help me God! Amen!

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