It was earlier reported that there is a severe peril in Polobubo Ikpalakpala-bou Well head fire outbreak owned by Chevron Nigeria limited (CNL).

The Egbema youth progressive foundation national President Comr. Ebidouwei Miyenpirigha react to the unrelenting marginalization by Chevron Nigeria limited (CNL) to the peaceful people of Egbema kingdom, and opined that the Multinational oil company and state government are taking their simplicity for granted.

The meeting that was held on May 23rd, 2019 at Governor Office annex in Warri in company of Delta state government, CNL, EGCDF and Communities leaders was so obvious that, there people have been with no pity marginalized and ostracized by Chevron operating in their kingdom detrimental to it host communities by causing deadly diseases and hardship amongst the people in their environments. However, the national President noted that the Chevron operational flow stations have been protected from hazardous emissions of oil exploration and exploitation.

He added that, Chevron own the oil well that exploded almost two months ago at Ikpalakpala-bou till date, the inadvertence act of Chevron allowed the perilous emissions from the crude oil to affect their habitations and the peace loving Egbema people over there.

According to him, “This is a ploy to put our people in severe pain and we will not accept it any longer”. “The slow pace of work by CNL to put the fire off is unimaginable”. The fire has caused havoc in their terrain and will not stop to demean Egbema people until Chevron hasting to put it off. Therefore, Chevron Nigeria limited should hasting up to off the fire to avert the impending disaster in Polobubo and it’s satellite Communities in Warri north local government area Delta State.

He also noted that, As at last weekend, fishes were littered in the Polobubo river due to deadly emissions from the fire outbreak. “The rain water in our containers, we usually drink has turned to black and not drinkable anymore even yesterday the denizens clothes have changes colour, the health status of our people is not left out of the perilous incident”.

Comr. Ebidouwei reiterated that, the multinational oil company have cause them more mayhem than benefit, so such barbaric act should be stop by these multinational oil Companies

The Egbema youths however, urge Chevron to employ more machineries to put off the fire as soon as possible or else they will shutdown all the Chevron Nigeria limited operational platforms in Egbema terrain.

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